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Welcome to the CC Translation Project!

Please note this is an evolving project and we welcome feedback.

This is the main portal for projects translating the suite of six CC licenses and the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

If a CC license deed is not yet available in your language, we recommend translating that first. For information on translating CC license deeds, visit Translating CC Deeds.

If you are interested in translating the licenses or other legal tools, please see the Legal Code Translation Policy.

Translations Generally

Creative Commons supports two types of linguistic translations of its licenses and CC0: official and unofficial. All official translations of legal code are conducted according to the Legal Code Translation Policy. Beginning with version 4.0, CC is supporting official linguistic translations of its six (6) core licenses. Please note that translations (whether official or unofficial) involve linguistic translation only—they do not adapt the licenses or CC0 to account for local law. As of December 2012, CC also supports official translations of CC0 version 1.0.

Please see the Legal Code Translation Policy for more information on how to start a project to translate CC0 or the CC licenses officially into your local language. CC's policy is to support a single official translation into any particular language, absent a compelling reason otherwise. All legal code translation projects must be approved by Creative Commons in advance; please do not start a legal code translation project without first contacting Creative Commons.

(For version 3.0 of the licenses, CC supports unofficial translations only. These are not official and not suitable for adoption, but are provided solely for information purposes. Please do not use translations of the 3.0 international licenses—licensors should not link to or otherwise identify any of the unofficial translations when applying licenses to their materials. Those interested in translating CC licenses should join a translation project for the 4.0 licenses. If you would like to read the process for unofficial translations of 3.0, it has been moved to a separate page for historical information.)

Translation Guide

As we work with teams on translation projects, we are developing collections of advice and issues to guide future teams' efforts. These include general proofing advice, as well as common errors, and words and phrases that are of key importance or have presented difficulty in each particular legal tool.

Translation status of the 4.0 licenses and of CC0

(Click on the column arrows to sort entries)

Language (and link to language page) 4.0 translation status CC0 translation status
Amharic In progress Not started
Arabic Final Not started
Bahasa Indonesia Final Not started
Bengali Final Final
Castellano In progress In progress
Chinese - Traditional and Simplified In progress In progress
Cree Not started Not started
Croatian Final Not started
Czech In progress Not started
Dutch Final Final
Finnish Final Final
French Final Final
German Final In progress
Greek In progress Not started
Hindi Not started Not started
Italian Final Final
Japanese Final Final
Korean In progress In progress
Latvian In progress Final
Lithuanian In progress In progress
Malay Not started In progress
Māori Final Not started
Norwegian Final Not started
Polish Final Final
Portuguese In progress In progress
Russian In progress Not started
Serbian Not started In progress
Slovenian In progress Not started
Swedish Final Final
Turkish Final Not started
Ukrainian Final Not started