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Language coordination

Translation Status

4.0: Not started.
CC0: In progress.

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 17 April 2014
Public comment period: 30 April 2014 -
Translation officially published:

Translation team


  • Muid Latif, Lead Project of Creative Commons Malaysia
  • Asrul Sani, volunteer translator for CC0

Translation process


Translated using language tool and editor. Previously adapted in version 2.5, and re-improvise including the latest addition in CC0. Contributors includes Asrul Sani and Muid Latif with online translation tools including DBP, and verbal inquiries from certified DBP linguists and experts in both art and legal background. Other resources include Oxford Fajar and Kamus Dewan.

Draft translation files


To be published

FINAL translation files

CC0: to be published