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Translation Status

4.0: Final.
CC0: Not started.

Key dates

First draft was submitted: 1 March 2015
Public comment period: 6 April 2015 - 12 June 2015
Translation officially published: 24 July 2015 (read the blog post)

Translation team

  • Alifia Qonita Sudharto (Active CCID Project Lead)
  • Ivan Lanin (Former CCID Project Public Relations)
  • Ari Juliano Gema (Former CCID Project Lead)

You can contact the translation team at

Translation process

The team did not encounter highly difficult issues during the translation process, but there were a few discussions to find more suitable Indonesian terms to accommodate the idea and concept of the English/US Law terms. Some of the terms that were highlighted and discussed are:

1. Fair Use
The US law concept of Fair Use does not have a 'legal equivalent' under the Indonesian Copyright Law. We opted for "penggunaan wajar", because that is the closest equivalent to the idea and concept of Fair Use, although in Indonesia it is not as regulated as in the US.

2. Collecting Society
There were concerns that the proposed translation of "collecting society" to "lembaga manajemen kolektif" would be confusing to readers, because the purpose of the CC 4.0 license is to avoid adjusting to local law in these translations. The term "lembaga manajemen kolektif" was not intended to be solely adjusted to local law, although this term is mentioned in the Copyright Law, but also the Indonesian people are already familiar with this term. CC Indonesia team agrees that the Indonesian people could relate to "lembaga manajemen kolektif" easier rather than introducing a new term, such as "komunitas pengumpul royalti" which is a literal translation from the words collecting society.

3. Similar Rights
To differentiate Similar Rights from Related Rights, the team opted to use "Hak-hak Serupa". Previously, we proposed this to be translated as "Hak Serupa" (singular) as it is not customary and necessary in 'Indonesian legalese' to differentiate the translation of "right" (singular) and "rights" (plural) as the word "hak" would represent both of them. However, to highlight that "Similar Rights" includes database rights and other things, the team decided to put its plural form: "Hak-hak Serupa".

Draft translation files

  1. BY
  2. BY-SA
  3. BY-NC
  4. BY-ND
  5. BY-NC-SA
  6. BY-NC-ND

FINAL translation files


  1. BY
  2. BY-SA
  3. BY-NC
  4. BY-ND
  5. BY-NC-SA
  6. BY-NC-ND