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Join the CC Developer Community

Join our Slack community to meet other developers interested in Creative Commons, get feedback on your projects, and talk with CC's full-time technology staff. You can also keep up with us on the CC Open Source Blog or via Twitter.

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Get Involved

We really appreciate community contributions and feedback (we're a small team and spread thin) and we especially love seeing what you build using CC's tools.

We do all of our development on GitHub and are generally open to pull requests and proposals for new community-maintained projects. We would especially like help with reviving projects that CC's engineering team does not have the time to actively work on (such as our WordPress plugin). We're also looking to improve our documentation and increase our automated test coverage across pretty much all our projects, so help with that would be greatly appreciated. Please follow our pull request guidelines when submitting code. If you are not familiar with GitHub or pull requests, here is an excellent guide to get started.

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Mailing list
CC Developers or CC Usability Announcements.
Sign up and join our sub-communities for tech/developers.

Other forms of contribution

Google Summer of Code
See CC participation on GSoC since 2006.
See CC participation on Outreachy since 2019.
Translate our Content
Find out how to help the Creative Commons community with translations.
Contribute To Design
Contribute to our brand new set of standard UI components and help us apply it to all the existing projects.