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Language coordination

Translation Status

4.0: Final (read the announcement in English on the CC blog and in Turkish on the CC blog).
CC0: Not started.

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 23 November 2015
Public comment period: 20 March - 10 April 2017 (read the public announcement on the CC Turkey website)
Translation officially published: 24 May 2017

Translation team

  • İlkay Holt
  • Muhteşem Önder
  • Orçun Madran

Translation process

The first translation of the legal codes was done by a professional person/company contracted by the Özyeğin Üniversitesi, reviewed by İlkay Holt and the BY-NC-SA legal code was reviewed by Selva Kaynak and Serhat Koç in terms of legal terminology.

Public consultation for the translation took place in March 2017 and was coordinated by the Creative Commons Turkey team. Before and after the consultation, intense work has been put into the process including discussions, meetings, cross checking terminologies, proofreading, fine-tuning. Linguists, lawyers, librarians, IT experts and researchers have been involved in the work.

A few people should be named here to thank for special efforts to make this happen. CC Turkey Public Lead Ilkay Holt, Technical Lead Orcun Madran, Legal Partner Serhat Koc (LL.M IT), Legal Partner Selva Kaynak (LL.M IP) lead this work. We would also like to thank Sirin Tekinay who initiated CC Turkey movement in Turkey and Gultekin Gurdal, Director of IZTECH Library for their great contribution in finalizing the review process.

General issues

  • Some suggestions were on typos;
  • Some other suggestions were about changing the language to make some terms more understandable in Turkish. Three things were considered here:
  1. if it is a legal terminology;
  2. if it is commonly used term/word in Turkish;
  3. if it still matches the original text.

The team approved/reject the suggestions in this order.

Key translation decisions and challenges

Two major decisions were taken:

1. It was recommended to translate NonCommercial (GayriTicari) as Ticari Olmayan. We rejected it because:

  • “GayriTicari” is commonly used legally and publicly and understood by the public;
  • “Olmayan” as a word doesn’t fit in every use of NonCommercial.

2. It was recommended to translate ShareAlike (LisansDevam) as BenzerPaylaşım and/or BenzerŞekilde. We rejected it but offered a new term because:

  • "Benzer" is a risky word in Turkish, means “similar", but in the context of BY-SA, it is not about similar sharing, the license has to continue as it is used in the first place.
  • LisansDevam is not exact translation of ShareAlike but it fits with the definition of the license 100%;
  • On the other hand, as a term, it is not clear to the public what it means. Therefore, for the need of a better term, we came up with “AynıLisanslaPaylaş”. It means "share with the same license". We all agreed this is a good use for public and understandable. CC brings a new, original term in this area.

Draft translation files


  1. BY-NC-SA
  2. BY-NC-ND
  3. BY
  4. BY-SA
  5. BY-NC
  6. BY-ND

FINAL translation files


  1. BY-NC-SA
  2. BY-NC-ND
  3. BY
  4. BY-SA
  5. BY-NC
  6. BY-ND