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You've probably seen our "some rights reserved" and "no rights reserved" (for public domain works) buttons on many web pages, but there's more. Whenever a user copies HTML generated by our license selection application they get the button and also a block of metadata describing the licensed work and the license it is offered to the public under. You can't normally see that information without viewing the web page's source. A toolbar or plugin that exploited this hidden information could take many forms. One possibility: If a page has valid license metadata, place a (cc) icon on the toolbar. Mousing over the icon brings up a transient window which displays the license characteristics associated with the license and any descriptive metadata also present.



  • Epiphany CC Extension: Extension for the Epiphany browser that detects embedded license information and adds a CC license icon to the status bar if a license is present.

All Browsers

Too few Creative Commons plugins for other browsers currently exist. We invite you to write one. However, these sites will be useful with any browser:


  • Nathan Yergler has created mozCC, a browser extension for Mozilla-based browsers. It's a start, but we know there are other browser in use.
  • Robert Litzke has written greasemonkCC, a Greasemonkey script for all Greasemonkey-enabled browsers. It displays a customizable bar at the top of Creative Commons-tagged pages. GreasemonkCC requires the Greasemonkey extension for Mozilla browsers. Internet Explorer requires a plugin, Turnabout, for instance, to run Greasemonkey.
  • Jaime Frutos Morales has created Creative Commons license viewer, an extension for the Epiphany browser.
  • So how about similar plugins for IE, Safari, Opera, Konqueror or something else?
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