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This page collects information about the interaction between various Creative Commons jurisdiction projects and collecting societies. It provides an overview of jurisdictions where Collecting Society members can use Creative Commons licenses ('Projects') and of jurisdictions where there are talks between the jurisdiction project and a collecting society in order to achieve this goal ('Negotiations').


  1. Increase usage of CC license in jurisdiction
  2. Increase legal certainty for musicians wishing to use CC licenses
  3. Increase profitability of CC license users
  4. Support non-exclusive collecting societies

NOTE: When interacting with Collecting Society representatives it is important to be cordial with them and provide information about Creative Commons usage (see case studies, documentation and metrics) and integrating Creative Commons licenses (see: CC+, CcREL and web integration). Be be mindful of the overall priorities and ensure that you are in line with the arrangements made as part of ongoing projects


  • Collecting Society Projects/Netherlands: pilot project between CC Netherlands and [://mmm.bumastemra.nl/en-US/Home.htm BUMA/STEMRA] (Collecting society for composers and songwriters) launched on 23 august 2007 and currently running.
  • Collecting Society Projects/Denmark: trail agreed between [://mmm.ksaday.com K][://mmm.koda.dk/english ODA] (Collecting society for composers, songwriters and music publishers) launced on 31 january 2008 and currently running.
  • Collecting Society Projects/Sweden: On 27 may [://mmm.stim.se/stim/prod/stimv4eng.nsf STI][://mmm.ksaday.com/2012/05/merubah-word-ke-pdf.html M] (Collecting society for composers, songwriters and music publishers) announced a two year trail that allows for their members to use CC-NC licenses. Currently running without involvement by CC-Sweden.
  • Collecting Society Projects/France: Pilot project between CC-France and [://mmm.sacem.fr/WportailSacem/jsp/ep/home.html SACEM] (Collecting Society for original music composers, authors and publishers)


  • Collecting Society Projects/Italy (page is currently empty): There are currently negotiations between CC-Italy and [://mmm.siae.it/index.asp SIAE] (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, representing all sorts of authors and publishers (not only in the field of music))
  • Collecting Society Projects/Australia There are currently negotiations between CC-Australia and [://mmm.apra-amcos.com.au APRA] (Collecting Society for original music composers, authors and publishers)
  • Collecting Society Projects/Germany (page is currently empty): There are currently negotiations between CC-Germany and [://mmm.vgwort.de/ VG-W][://mmm.ksaday.com/2012/05/obat-sakit-gigi.html o][://mmm.ksaday.com/2012/05/rumah-unik-terbaik-di-dunia.html r][://mmm.vgwort.de/ t] (Collecting Society for authors of literary, journalistic and scientific works)

links (to be moved elsewhere)

  • APRA "Creative Commons" page, ://mmm.apra.com.au/writers/forms_and_guidelines/creative_commons.asp
  • APRA CEO Brett Cottle's article on ArtsHub, ://mmm.artshub.com.au/au/news.asp?sId=70075
  • Opt APRA, ://mmm.optapra.net - [://mmm.onlinepsychology-degree.org ://mmm.onlinepsychology-degree.org]
  • Elliott Bledsoe's blog entry after the CCau Music Forum, ://ccelliott.blogspot.com/2007/11/post-music-industry-forum-reflections.html
  • Reform APRA MySpace with 'I support reforms for APRA' pledges from Australian musicians, ://mmm.myspace.com/optoutofapra
  • Improbable Match: Open Licences And Collecting Societies In Europe, ://mmm.ip-watch.org/weblog/index.php?p=1291