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This page documents the work of our affiliate communications working group(s). We will identify communications needs across the network, come up with concrete tasks and projects to address them, execute and document them here.

GROUP 1: Case studies

GROUP 2: Information architecture


GROUP 4: Toolkits

Inaugural Communications Working Group Meeting (22 November)


  • introductions
  • discuss the list of communications needs (below)
  • prioritize and identify the needs we want to work on, and
  • brainstorm specific projects addressing these needs
  • put initials next to projects you'd like to work on


  • Jane Park (JP)
  • Jonas (JO)
  • Nicolas Suzor (Australia) (NS)
  • Jane H (NZ) (JH)
  • Aurelia (AJS)
  • Ivonne Jansen (Netherlands) (IJ)
  • Carlos Saborío (CS)
  • Paz Peña (PP)
  • Jessica Coates (JS)
  • Charles Batambuze (CB)
  • Claudio Ruiz (CR)
  • Primah Kwagala (PK)


  • Corresponding projects from #Needs_identified
  • Italicized initials = person in charge of organizing next call
GROUP 1: Case studies


  • missing affiliates work plus work they've put together
  • outdated
  • currently not very navigable(information architecture) CS
  • Latin America has a lot of great stories/projects (language barrier) not yet shared
    • regional roadmap: arrange and resolve all projects they will do together, one is regional case studies publication - to solve the problem of sharing goals, etc.
  • encourage each region to have their own case studies projects (maybe regional managers?) (JC address with RMs)
    • case studies drive - renowned, like we have the campaign (time with 10th birthday next year!) (JC, RMs, JP discuss)
  • not immediately clear who the target audience of the case studies is
    • for affiliates to showcase?
    • for organizations in the world to see what CC is doing? (very broad)
  • create spaces for different target audiences (ie. business) - JC, CB-Charles Batambuze
    • case studies that tell a story, one coherent message
    • how to disseminate the case studies (ie. physical book, online)
    • CC business models, IJ, CB, JO
  • continue domain-specific entrypoints (government, journalism) JP
  • Document CC related case studies by others
GROUP 2: Information architecture


  • Carlos Saborio - web designer
  • lots of material on wiki that's not linked or readily accessible
  • how to disseminate case studies, ie. blog... a format that allows frequent updating etc.
  • part of GROUP 2: Public Inquiries (JC, NS, JH, CR)
    • cc-community mailing list
    • cc forum
      • have a look at whether this can be used more effectively
    • encourage more casual inquiries between affiliates?
    • social networks?
    • revisit after info architecture - maybe within that group?
    • think about the kind of inquiries that we are receiving, and how we can address them
GROUP 3: FAQ and Fact Sheets


  • new FAQ is a lot better so far, but
  • standard set when people first come across FAQ = most appropriate for all affiliates
  • list of questions identified by affiliates that can be translated across the network (ie. tailored fact sheet)
  • need to audit what is already out there among affiliates
GROUP 4: Toolkits


  • materials for GLAM, specificaly for other groups
  • governments
  • NGOs
  • Business models
  • video, slides, factsheets, case studies, narrative

PROCESS, next steps!

  • schedule call w/interested people
  • notify cc-affiliates list - with info
  • work with Jane on organizing

Needs identified

(reorganized during call according to interest/priority)

  • case studies, improving existing case studies and navigation of. - JC, CS, IJ, JP, AJS, CB, CR
    • CC business models, IJ, CB, JO
  • information architecture of the - JC, CS, AJS, JP
    • improving CC wiki page discoverability, layout and functionality - JC, CS, AJS
    • audit of all cc affiliate materials that are out there - JC, CS, AJS
    • promote flattr profile (or other such development/fundraising needs?).
  • more comprehensive [or should this be appropriate?] and multi-lingual FAQ that can be shared between jurisdictions? -NS IJ, CR, JC
  • create collaborative approach to answering of public inquiries - across jurisdictions and HQ - JC - NSJH
    • tools to improve discussion? mailing list not working for discussion for everyone. - CS
    • best tools/platform to share these resources with each other. - CS
    • increase communication with external community - community mailing list, forum etc. - CS, PP
  • Toolkits
    • CC in GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) communications. - JC, CR, JH
    • share approaches on how to begin a conversation about CC with organizations/people/institutions in different domains. -- AJS, PP
    • CC for NGO collections communications.

Pad for this meeting: