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Skype discussion Wednesday 15 December 2011 2300GMT


  • Nicolas Suzor
  • Jessica Coates
  • Aurelia Shultz

Steps to take in the immediate future:

1. Conducting an audit of fact sheets produced by affiliates that already exist.

1.1. Need to develop a quick survey to send to project leads: Nicolas Suzor (survey + resulting document link) - Mid-December. Ask affiliates: Do you have any fact sheets; what are the most important issues you want resources on? Survey here:

Also run through websites and check publicly available material (some language barriers): Jessica Coates - Early January

2. Identifying gaps in CC FAQ - not a high priority. -- consider translation and readability issues? (Take to regional managers - potential collaborative translation projects?)

3. Compiling a list of curated important FAQ; - After results of Step 1 survey, summarise main issues that come out - seek more people to help - cut it down to main topics

4. Creating a set of master thematic fact sheets which addresses issues agreed to by affiliates that can then be translated as needed. - offer list to all affiliates, and try to get volunteers to help create them - try to build on existing factsheets, uncovered in 1, if possible