Communications Working Group/GROUP 4: Toolkits

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Meeting 6 Dec

6:00am U.S. California time Pad for call:


  • review Communications_Working_Group#GROUP_4:_Toolkits_2
  • decide which toolkits take priority/interest
  • brainstorm rough outlines for what each toolkit should contain
  • assign/volunteer to lead & develop (ie. mail affiliates list to get others on board) - we may end up splitting off according to toolkit
  • schedule next meeting(s) for progress


  • draft template for toolkits to be prepared on wiki
  • upload list of potential topic for templates to wiki
  • put call out for affiliate suggestions of toolkit topics, and expressions of interest - in collaboration with other working group call outs?
  • those toolkits with at least 3-5 affiliates offering to be involved will go ahead
  • as a first stage, we will focus on toolkits designed for CC users (ie licensees and licensors). As a second stage, we will move on to toolkits designed for CC Affiliates.