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'''Awaiting The Muse'''
The moon. Ah the moon seems to have answers to all sorts of mysteries. But deep inside the brightness, glows a flame, which unlike the forbidden fruit remains elusive. Even poetry might fail to impress the moon on letting out its secrets. So is not praising it all the time pretty pointless?
I could write the saddest lines like Neruda and keep wishing you were here to no avail. I could go out and look for you; you could be somewhere near. I could paint my blue walls blue, only to remember you disliked blue; it was only me who was rather blue.
==Community resources:==
==Community resources:==

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NOTE: This page is for creators and copyright owners who are looking to publish on other platforms. To publish on your own site, see Marking/Creators.

One way to increase visibility and access to your work is to share it with an existing community. Many content platforms have already enabled CC licensing, making it easy for you to indicate the license along with other information, such as who to attribute. In addition, search engines like Google and Yahoo! will index your work as CC licensed if the metadata is properly attached.

The following are some major publishing platforms categorized by media type. If you cannot find what you are looking for, see more CC-enabled Content Directories and counts of CC licensed works for each. If your favorite community has not enabled CC licensing, you can usually indicate that you are using CC somewhere in an info box, or contact them and let them know it is a feature you would like to see.

Major communities by media type:





Community resources: