WpLicense Release History

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wpLicense 0.9 RC 2

28 August 2007

  • Updated calls to JsWidget to use the 0.91 tag rather than unstable trunk
  • Improved JsWidget integration to allow removing a license and setting no license

wpLicense 0.9 RC 1

31 July 2007

  • Updated to use JsWidget for the license selector.


11 April 2007

  • Corrected default value of the display parameter for the licenseUri.

wpLicense 0.7.6

10 April 2007

  • Updated behavior of the licenseUri function to match documentation.

wpLicense 0.7.5

4 August 2006

wpLicense 0.7.0

1 August 2006

  • Change file inclusion to use absolute paths, which avoids a problem with some hosting providers where relative paths were disabled.
  • Updated help URL to point @ wiki.creativecommons.org instead of yergler.net
  • Added support for rendering the selected license as a WordPress Widget

wpLicense 0.6.1

25 July 2006

  • Corrected issue with PHP5-specific exception handling

wpLicense 0.6.0

12 July 2006

  • License information is now included in RSS2 and Atom feeds (see Syndication for information on feed licensing)
  • Disabled allow_url_fopen disabled mode which was broken

wpLicense 0.5.2

30 December 2005

Fixed problem with license selector in the Safari browser.

wpLicense 0.5.1

21 July 2005

Corrected bug which caused license selection to be lost when other administrative options were saved.

wpLicense 0.5.0

12 July 2005'

Added support for PHP4 on the server side. Corrected bugs with license chooser and metadata display.

wpLicense 0.2

20 June 2005

Added support for work metadata.