Website Update 2011 08 26 Meeting

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Meeting Plan

  • show off the work
  • talk tech details
    • SVGA (1024x768, basically ipad)
    • touch (need to be usable across devices)
    • platforms (which ones to support)
    • what will master reviewers be checking the site on?
    • HTML5 important
  • critique
  • then jump into site hierarchy

Current Nav

  • Current TopNav
    • About
    • Blog
    • Donate
    • FAQ
    • Wiki
    • International
  • Current BottomNav
    • "Creative Commons"
      • Column 1
        • About
        • Who Uses CC?
        • Culture
        • Education
        • Science
      • Column 2
        • Blog
        • Case Studies
        • CC Talks With...
        • Newsletters
        • Downloads
      • Column 3
        • International
        • Events
        • People
        • Press Room
        • Contact
    • Licensing
      • The Licenses
      • Choose License
      • FAQ
      • Find Content
      • Developers
    • Supporting CC
      • Donate
      • Store
      • Supporters
      • Corporate Giving
      • Facts & Figures

Proposed New Nav

FINAL: DO NOT EDIT THIS, MOVE TO Website Update 2011 08 29 Meeting


also in about

  • Who Uses CC?
  • CC Talks With...
  • Case Studies

Problems with launched site design

Don't add anything new here, all new issues should be added to the CC issue tracker

  • kinkade dump db, get the db dump into cc.fab site (kinkade and rejon)
    • live changes to content then authoritatively come on the main live site
    • theme changes go to cc.fab site, then svn commit, and then svn up on live site (done)
  • The comments form on blog posts uses obsolete CSS rules that require work-arounds (such as using an ol for the fields). The form needs to be updated to use <fieldset> and <label> instead (cxadams) (FIXED)
    • its the comments.php file in the theme
  • On the comments both the Share on Twitter / Tags have obsolete styling (cxadams) (Moved to issue tracker)
  • When you are not logged in, below the Submit button on the blog post comments, there appears the text "Input error: Invalid referer" (rejon) (Moved to issue tracker)
  • (FIXED) power of open carousel image should link to not the blog post
  • /board page needs spacing between photos and text (rejon) (FIXED temporarily by adding styling to WP page, but styling should be removed all WP pages)
  • various bolding issues in carousel (cxadams)
  • WP issue - makes you log in anew every time you want to do something new, ie. edit a post, upload a photo. what is up w/that? (rejon) (FIXED)
  • Each page should have a right-hand column with a list of links to the other pages in the same section (e.g. About, Licenses) (cxadams)
    • fix with noscript tag possibly to link sections, but do after bug fixes (Moved to issue tracker)
  • /board page doesn't have correct styling. List of people is vertical, but should have a horizontal component. (rejon) (FIXED temporarily by adding styling to WP page, but styling should be removed all WP pages)
  • after jon verifies fucked pages with kinkade, then hand off style conversion to the theme by extracting style from pages onto theme (rejon + nkinkade then cxadams) (Moved to issue tracker)
  • the about/downloads page is not linked to from anywhere top-level (you can get there via News » Press Room » Downloads)
  • a more user-friendly way to say "Licensors" and "Licensees" under License tab up top. suggested alternative text for Licensors could be "Share your work" and for Licensees "Reuse a work" or "Reuse others works". (WONTFIX, for now)
  • needs to be updated with same theme in time for launch Oct 11 (Moved to issue tracker)