Website Update 2011 08 29 Meeting

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  • update on design and the menu (christopher)
  • looking at the interior pages together
    • move the development over to CC infrastructure and start working on dev site
    • collecting and purifying interior pages
    • anything else before 9/2 checkin? next checkin will include:
      • dev moved over towordpress theme
      • update main pages
      • overall gloss on the interior pages

Navigation plus secondary pages

NOTE: Top Menu Items are just touch targets for the bigger menu, otherwise they are just link farms

These questions are too long for navigation elements. Can we make them shorter? Christopher Lee Adams 11:00, 31 August 2011 (UTC)


  • Licensors
    • Do I need to register my work?
    • Marking my work with CC licenses
  • Licensees
    • Getting permission
    • Giving attribution
    • Marking work with CC licenses