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Creative Commons is planning to participate in Google's Summer of Code as a mentoring organization. Student submissions for SoC 2008 will open March 24; see the project timeline for more details.

This page highlights ideas and suggestions for student proposals for 2008.


If you find an idea listed below that you like or have your own idea for a Creative Commons-related open source project, we encourage you to read up about the Developer Community, ask questions, and then include the following in your proposal:

  1. Detailed description / design document
  2. an approximate schedule (timeline)
  3. brief description of past projects (including open source) that you've participated in
  4. brief resume/bio/contact information

Writing Proposals

The following links detail generally successful ways to write a Summer of Code Proposal:

Selection Criteria

Please read the Selection Criteria. Participants who read this will be much further along than others.


  1. Read up about the Creative Commons Developer Community
  2. Join the cc-devel mailing list and ask questions
  3. Join the Creative Commons chat channel, #cc, on

Project Ideas

We're interested in ideas and projects in the following areas:

  • application support -- on the web or on your desktop, extending your favorite application to support CC licensing; see the list of Applications_Using_CC for some examples of how this might work
  • metadata support -- liblicense uses pluggable modules for supporting file formats; the contribution of a module for a high profile file format would be highly desirable
  • search -- new and interesting ways of finding CC licensed content are always interesting.

More specifically, the following are Developer Challenges which we think are of the appropriate size for a Summer of Code project. You may also want to check out the other challenges for more inspiration.

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Additional Resources