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Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects — Creative Commons on GitHub contains an overview of our FOSS projects.

Git Repositories on GitHub

Creative Commons has Git repositories on GitHub:


Historical Information

  •  ???? ???: We moved our repositories to GitHub (some time between 2011 September and 2014 April)
  • 2008 March: We moved our primary source repository from to
  • 2005 November: In order to take advantage of Subversion source control and other features, Creative Commons moved the ccPublisher 2 project from to

2008 Subversion Modules

module name description
__cvs_import/ Inactive modules imported to Subversion from CVS circa 2005 (from
adobe_panel/ XMP license panel for legacy Adobe products
api/ CC API; now developed in git (cc.api)
api_client/ Wrappers for the API in Python, Java, etc; unmaintained.
autocurate/ Scripts to generate packages of content from sites like Flickr, etc, used for LiveCD.
banshee-license-verifier-plugin/ GSOC project: plugin for Banshee to verify web statement metadata pointed to in MP3 ID3 tags.
bbpress/ Tracking repository of bbpress
blog_analysis/ Return top blogs pointing to CC, as reported by Technorati. Used for targeted outreach.
buildout_script/ Buildout recipe for doing string substitution in script templates
campaign_widget/ Annual campaign javascript widget
cc-sharp/ C# model for CC licenses
cc.engine/ License engine; now developed in git (cc.license)
ccbanshee/ GSOC project: Banshee plugin for displaying license information
cchost/ Legacy repository for CCHost, platform developed for CC Mixter
cci/ WordPress for legacy iCommons website
cclabs/ Legacy CC Labs experiments (DHTML chooser, et al)
cclookup/ wxPython application for verifying web statements embedded in media files
ccnutch/ Nutch + cc search customizations
ccoer/ Early prototype of DiscoverEd, based on Scuttle
ccooo/ add-on, now developed in git.
ccpublisher1/ CC Publisher 1.x; 2.x code lives in the repository/td>
ccrdf/ A Python wrapper for CC Licenses
ccsearch/ CC Meta-search
cctagutils/ Python library for reading and writing CC's suggested web statements
cli_tools/ Command line tools for tagging and verifying licensed works.
desktop_search/ Prototype of Spotlight plugin for Mac OS X
i18n/ Translations, maintenance tools, now in git.
i18nedit/ Half finished prototype of web based PO editor, herder
jswidget/ Drop-in javascript widget for license selection
liblicense/ C library for manipulating license information embedded in files
liblicense-gnome/ gnome UI bindings for liblicense
liblicense-kde/ KDE UI bindings for liblicense
liblicense-sugar/ Sugar UI for liblicense
license.rdf/ License RDF files
license_xsl/ Legacy chooser XSLT and questions
livecontent/ Live CD with CC licensed content
metadata_scraper/ Now developed in git as deedscraper
mozcc2/ Firefox add-on for displaying CC license information; superseded by OpenAttribute
nagios/ monitoring configuration
nc-survey/ Non-Commercial survey related code
oe_search/ PHP frontend for a Google CSE that acted as early DiscoverEd prototype
oenutch/ DiscoverEd
operator_userscript/ User script for Operator to display license information
opml/ Python library for reading and parsing OPML
pdf_callback/ Demonstration of a PDF with "phone home" capability
planet/ CC feed aggregator
pyarchive/ Python library for uploading works to Internet Archive
pywikipedia/ Python API for mediawiki, used for sending staff call emails
rdfadict/ Python dict-like interface for an RDFa parser
scicom/ Science Commons related projects, including MTA, SCA
themes/ Various theme projects
vendorlibs/ Vendor libraries that are used by other projects. Modules are imported here if the project doesn't use svn, so we can use svn:externals, or if additional customization is required
widgets/ Widgets for visualizing CC content and information.
wpLicense/ WordPress plugin for CC licensing; now developed in git/WP svn
xmp/ Tools for embedding XMP metadata in PDF, JPEG and (future) other file types.
zope_products/ CC developed zope products: the license engine, Plone skin and iStr.