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CcNutch is a Creative Commons plugin for the open source Nutch search engine. Module ccnutch in the cctools sourceforge repository.

There was a running instance at Commercial search engines support CC well enough now that it was turned off. now offers a selection of these. Nutch may be revived if we want to explore search features that do not yet have commercial interest.




Milestone 0

  • Fill in documentation above
  • Update CCNutch plugin for current Nutch version (may be no-op apart from testing)
  • Add support for parsing RDFa (currently embedded RDF/XML is supported)

Milestone 1

  • Add support for indexing assertions about objects other than the current document (eg image, audio, video).
  • Add support for indexing specific attribution metadata

Milestone 2

  • Add feature requests here

Milestone 3

  • deploy ccNutch on some infrastructure for testing

Milestone 4

  • Add feature requests here