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Suggested Timeframe: one month

The public discussion is a stage in which the team invites members of the public to participate in the license drafting. Creative Commons will announce the draft on, and we expect the Legal Project Lead to encourage commentary and constructive input from their community.

This step is crucial in the porting process, since it enables the community to develop and improve the license. It is important to conduct the public discussion in an open and fair way and to incorporate the changes that the community deems appropriate.

Before entering the public discussion, please send us:

  • the most recent license draft (in the jurisdiction's first language) (PDF)
  • an English re-translation of the draft (PDF)
  • an explanation of the substantial legal changes in English (PDF)
  • name, title, and email addresses of each Project Lead. This information will be made public
  • a short biography (2-3 paragraphs, including hyperlinks) about the Affiliate Institute
  • a small logo for the Affiliate Institute (jpeg, png, svg, or gif preferred)

Once in the public discussion

  • discuss with team members whom to invite and how to ensure maximum involvement by local stakeholders
  • agree with team members on to how to structure the discussion
  • develop a summary of the list and highlight specific issues to be addressed in the next draft

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