Legal Project Lead produces second draft

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Suggested Timeframe: two weeks

Revision and explanation

Once the Project Leads agree that enough time in the public discussion has elapsed, then they can begin to work on a next draft. This draft should be a revision based on comments gained in the public discussion.

When this next draft is finalized, we kindly ask for another English re-translation of the draft (if necessary), and that the Legal Lead please point out and explain the changes that have been made.

If any interesting and relevant material has surfaced during the public discussion that you would like to share, please complete a public discussion report. Examples of relevant material include:

  • a brief history of copyright law and intellectual property rights in your jurisdiction
  • outline and links to major legislation and international treaties that affect copyright and IP rights in your jurisdiction
  • how Creative Commons fits into the current legislation
  • changes that were made to the licenses to accommodate relevant law and policy

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