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Supports embedding license URL: supports_license_url::yes
Supports embedding web statement: supports_web_statement::no
Supports embedding more permissions: supports_more_permissions::no
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OpenDocument format (ODF). The OpenDocument format (ODF), short for the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications, is an open document file format for saving and exchanging editable office documents such as text documents (including memos, reports, and books), spreadsheets, databases, charts, and presentations. The most common file extensions used for OpenDocument documents are .odt for text documents, .ods for spreadsheets, .odp for presentations and .odg for graphics.

The Addin support embedding a license in Writer, Calc and Impress docuemnts. This information is currently stored in custom metadata fields; the next iteration of the ODF specification (not currently supported in tools) includes support for including arbitray RDF/XML files in the document bundle.


OpenDocument Format
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