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MozCC is written using Javascript and XUL. The source repository is hosted in the mozcc2 module at

Planned Features


  • Split extraction and presentation into two, decoupled extensions.
  • Define a communication mechanism between the two (events?) that others can emulate
  • Distribute as an XPI Bundle
  • Stability and performance for the "core" extension
  • Culling policy for triple cache
  • Learn from Operator:
    • Namespace pollution (reducing)
    • Extractor loading

MozCC 2.4.x

(may get rolled into 2.6)

  • Support for Flock (post 0.7.x)

MozCC 2.6

  • Restructure code to wrap all the functionality in a single object (to prevent namespace collisions)
  • Support for licensing of embedded objects (images, etc).
  • Support for i18n


Future Directions

  • Personal Metadata Store: allow users to browse metadata collected by MozCC ("show me the pages i've browsed tagged with 'foo'")

Other Firefox Extension Points

  • Scrapbook -- license information should travel with scraped content

Other "S"-Web Tools