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Matroska (common file extensions being .mkv and .mka) is a project to develop an open source multimedia container format similar to Apple's QuickTime, MPEG's MP4 or Microsoft's Advanced Streaming Format. It is named after the Matryoshka doll. In Russian, матрёшка would be transliterated into the English language as Matryoshka.

Matroska has an extensible tagging system. "Official" tags do not seem to support web statement and license URLs, should be investigated.

A subset of Matroska is used for WebM; support for Matroska tags should be verified.

File Type Information
Supports embedding license URL: supports_license_url::False
Supports embedding web statement: supports_web_statement::False
Supports embedding more permissions: supports_more_permissions::False
Metadata Location: [[Metadata location::{{{metadata_location}}}]] | (unknown) }}
Metadata Format: [[Metadata format::{{{metadata_format}}}]] | (unknown) }}

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