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This project has been retired. The ISO of the DVD is available here.

LiveContent 2.0 is a LiveDVD full of free and open source software and Creative Commons' licensed open content — audio, video, image, text and educational resources. LiveContent is a project for anyone to explore to learn more about about open content that can be freely used, copied, and built upon.

Help us identify more great CC-licensed content by adding suggestions HERE.


  1. Daily build infrastructure
  2. Autocuration of Open Content
  3. Standardization of content feeds and APIs

LiveContent 2.0 works to address several technical issues surrounding our interaction with open content. First, 2.0 aims to develop, using the Fedora architecture, a daily build structure of the LiveContent LiveDVD. Second, 2.0 aims to generate "autocurated content." Autocurated content uses APIs and content feeds from open content providers and hosting organizations that can be used to pull down the most current, "live" open content. Third, 2.0 aims to provide a nudge to prompt more content curators to provide standardized open content feeds so that others can use this infrastructure for their own projects.

We believe that the LiveContent distro can provide a useful platform that allows users to test explore free and open content and test out free, open source software. The LiveContent distro provides information and documentation about Creative Commons, the FOSS movement, and demos to how users can take advantage of the media included to re-create, re-mix and re-share content.

Technical Documentation


Fedora 8 is the base architecture

  • keeping most applications from v1.0 as base (OpenOffice, Inkscape, The Gimp, Firefox, Totem, Evince, gThumb, Tuxpaint)

CC Content

Currently includes

  • Flickr "interesting" photos
  • Wikimedia Commons 2007 Pictures of the Year
  • Jamendo music sampler
  • music sampler
  • MIT OCW top 10 downloaded courses
  • Assorted videos from BoingBoing, Make, TED, CC, FreeMe DVD
  • CC licensed texts

Your ideas?

  • Jamendo music selections
  • ideas from OLPC content jam (education, books)
  • Elephant Dream
  • Podiobooks

General ideas

CC is working on developing a system to "autocurate" content from CC-friendly sites such as Flickr. In the future we want to be able to transform Content Directories into the base for LiveContent. We want to work with content curators to establish a standardized format for providing CC-licensed content feeds so that the "autocuration" part becomes much easier for everyone. Categories may include, but not limited to:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text
  • Image
  • Educational resources
  • marking--a README file generated with the autocuration process to mark the media with the appropriate CC license



Cover Art

Design Considerations

  • working on new color scheme for desktop
  • will keep content icons the same as 1.0
  • modified physical packaging to match new color scheme
  • icons that match apps, renaming of things like openoffice
  • GNOME accessibility for disabled?

Start page

Welcome to LiveContent 2.0

  • Creative Commons LiveContent is a project to showcase and spread the word about open content that you can freely use, copy, and build upon. The LiveContent disc is a LiveDVD full of a sampling of and links to free and open source creativity software and Creative Commons' licensed free and open content — audio, video, image, and text — for anyone to explore. Please use this disc if you are interested in trying free media and possibly want to create your own with tools like, Inkscape, Gimp and more.

LiveContent Goals

1. Exploring and Creating with Open Content

  • Check out user-generated creative content like photos, music, and videos sourced from sites like Flickr, Jamendo, and All the content available here is free and ready to copy, share, remix, and reuse. Click on the desktop icons to explore content within that category. All the content is licensed with one of our six main Creative Commons licenses. Access the applications by clicking "Applications" in the menu at the lower left corner of the desktop. Plug in a thumb drive to save open content to it.

2. Developing Technical Standards

  • LiveContent 2.0 works to address technical issues surrounding our interaction with open content:
    • Developing a daily LiveDVD build to be hosted at Fedora Project site
    • "Autocurating" Open Content feeds from sites like Flickr and Jamendo
    • Pushing to standardize APIs so that others can also easily interact with the content provided by CC-friendly content curators

3. Connecting and Participating

  • There are lots of exciting projects working to foster a sharing economy of information, creative media and open content. Help support projects to minimize barriers to sharing and reusing, and help build the open content base by adding your favorite CC-licensed-powered project to the Content Directories on the CC wiki.

What is Creative Commons?

  • Creative Commons provides free tools that allow creators like authors, artists, scientists and educators share their work with the world. Creative Commons let you legally share, remix and reuse creativity!

What is free, open source software (FOSS)?

  • Free, open source software grants users the ability to freely run, copy, modify and share software with others. It's an important community that empowers innovation and creativity without the lock-in of proprietary software. The LiveContent disc is built on Fedora, a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute.

Quitting out of LiveContent

  • Quit out of LiveContent by clicking "System" from the menubar at the bottom of the desktop. Next, click "Shut Down" and choose whether to restart the computer into the default operating system or shut down.

Thank You to Supportive Collaborators!

  • has provided generous support for the development and distribution of this project.
  • Technical infrastructure provided by Fedora.

Distribution Options

  • LiveContent 2.0 will be available for download at
  • LiveContent 2.0 will be available for purchase at
  • CC will do a small run for internal promotion with option for larger run later
    • have on hand to give out at conferences, meetings
    • ccLearn
    • distribute with other swag like buttons, stickers

Community Involvement

Share how you use LiveContent

  • please add what you've used LC for here!

Other Connections

  • openclipart
  • openfontlibrary
  • openlibrary
  • opendocumenttemplates
  • Freedom Toaster
    • Freedom Toasters are conveniently located, self-contained, computer-based, 'Bring 'n Burn' facilities.
    • Like vending machines, preloaded to dispense confectionery, Freedom Toasters are preloaded to dispense free digital products, including software, photography, music and literature.
    • The Freedom Toaster project began as a means of overcoming the difficulty in obtaining Linux and Open Source software due to the restrictive telecommunications environment in South Africa, where the easy downloading of large pieces of software is just not possible for everyone.
  • Add more ideas here!