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The idea of auto-curated packages is that high-quality content can be pulled from media hosting sites that support a RESTful API for getting CC licensed content. The community from these sites has peer reviewed content so that it makes it easy to automatically pull down a top ten best tracks, or something similar, and then timestamp them, and package them for inclusion onto various devices.

While there are many sites on the web, having the ability to package content on the fly is akin to packaging of an album, producing a checkout item, and is vitally important for platforms like the OLPC and OpenMoko who rely upon package management for their limited storage space.


Recommendations for other web services

  • Make it easy to get a list of CC-licensed content that you recommend!
    • Note that "most recent uploads" is not the same as what you'd recommend. Recommendable work probably has a lot of viewers or has been hand-selected.
    • Implementation suggestion: Make an Atom/RSS feed that links to "interesting"/recommendable content rather than just the most recent content.
  • Make sure it's easy for us to detect which license different works are under.
    • Implementation suggestion: Use the tech specs at Syndication for Atom and RSS.
  • Don't generate broken XML or feeds. I'm happy to help you diagnose issues related to XML or feed correctness.
    • Implementation suggestion:Test against an XML validator
  • Make it easy for us to find the raw content, not just a web page about it.
    • Implementation suggestion:If your RSS file contains links to HTML pages but you would rather we download a ZIP or MP3 or other file instead, use "Enclosures."

Make sure we can get, for any work you want us to put on the disc:

  • The title of the work
  • A permanent link to information about the work (like an album page on the web)
  • The author's name and other attribution information
  • The CC license the work is under
  • The work itself in an appropriate form for a CD/DVD

Above and beyond

If you'd like, you can write the autocurate module for your web service. It should be easy to write if you know Python - a readable demo is in That would make it extremely easy for us to integrate your site into the next LiveContent release.