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Suggested Timeframe: one month

The first draft

After a timeline has been agreed upon, the Legal Project Lead produces a first draft of the most recent Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (BY-NC-SA). Every element included in all six CC licenses is contained in the BY-NC-SA license.

Translate the license (if applicable)

Translate the license verbatim into the first official language of your jurisdiction using the Linguistic Translation Worksheet.

Analyze and adapt the license

Once you have linguistically translated the license (if other than English), use your translation and the Porting Worksheet to adapt the legal provisions of the license to the extent necessary for the license to be fully compliant with the jurisdiction's applicable copyright legislation. For compatibility purposes, you may not modify the license beyond what is necessary to accomplish compliance with local law.

Retranslate (if applicable)

Translate your adapted version back into English and place your retranslation in the second-to-last column on the Porting Worksheet.

Prepare an explanation in English

Describe the legal adaptations made to the Unported license for compliance with local law in the last column of the Porting Worksheet. Please include relevant citations to applicable law, conventions or other sources of governing rules or laws. You should also prepare a document with a fuller description of the reasons for changes for CC's reference.

Send the license draft worksheet and explanation of substantial legal changes

Send the completed Porting Worksheet and the explanation of substantial legal changes to the CC porting team.

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