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Internal Administration

Mailing Lists

At this time, CC will announce the Project Leads and the Affiliate Institution on our mailing list and on our website. There are other recommended Creative Commons mailing lists, which you may choose to join and contribute to as well.

Furthermore, we will provide your jurisdiction with its own mailing list, which can be used to host discussions about the license drafts and coordinate events. Please invite to your list interested and valuable stakeholders in your region. Examples of key stakeholders include prominent commentators on copyright in your jurisdiction, Wikipedia leaders in relevant region or language, and potential license adaptors in your area.

We encourage you use the mailing list as tool to involve and consult the members of your community, and also keep them informed about developments in Creative Commons projects, both local and worldwide.

Developing a Timeline

If license porting is an approved activity for your team, the next step is to develop a timeline collaboratively with CC headquarters. Each step, especially the launch date, must be coordinated closely with CC. It is important to understand that the timeline serves as a guideline only. We often find it necessary to extend deadlines in order to have a full opportunity to discuss legal and porting issues with your team. Please do not announce expected launch dates for the licenses without first obtaining the approval of CC.

Please find below a suggested timeframe:

  • Legal Project Lead produces a first draft of BY-NC-SA, including re-translation into English (when ported licenses will be in another language) and chart of substantial legal changes detailing the reasons why changes to the unported are necessary: one month
  • CC reviews the first draft: one month
  • CC returns comments to the team, and further drafts and comments are exchanged: one to two months
  • Public discussion, once a final version of BY-NC-SA has been agreed upon: one month
  • Legal Project Lead produces a public discussion report detailing feedback: two weeks
  • Legal Project Lead produces draft incorporating comments (if any) from the public discussion process: two weeks
  • CC reviews draft: two weeks
  • Legal Project Lead produces the five other licenses, reviewed and proofed with CC: one month
  • Project Leads arrange any necessary translation and customization of the Commons Deed, the FAQs, and other related content: one month
  • Ported Licenses are posted on one week
  • The Launch is celebrated!

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