Developing ccPublisher with Command Line Tools

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This page describes how to use command-line tools to work with the ccPublisher source code. These instructions can be used with Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows with Cygwin. Note that some paths may be different for non-Linux platforms; Windows users may be interested in our Eclipse or Wing documentation.


Before proceeding install the software described in CcPublisher Prerequisites.

Getting Started

Before you begin building you will need to check out the source code. ccPublisher uses Subversion for source control. To check out the most recent copy of the code, execute the following command:

 $ svn co ccpublisher

This will check out the entire required source tree, including dependencies from the Zope 3 project, into the ccpublisher directory. If you are interested in working on a branch, you can browse the list of current branches in the Subversion repository.


Once you have the dependencies listed above installed, run to start ccPublisher:

 $ python