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  • This page refers to features only available on ccHost 5.1

To Create New 'News' Topics

The "News" feature is a sidebar widget you can use to keep your users informed of latest happenings on your site.

  1. Log in as administrator (if not already)
  2. Click on Global Settings then Manage Page Content (or browse to admin/content)
  3. Click on the Create New Content button
  4. Select 'news' from the Content Type field and leave New Content Type blank. (If you do not see 'news' as an option, then type news into the New Content Type field.)
  5. Fill out the Title and Content Entry fields and click the Submit Content button

This last step will take you back to the Manage Page Content screen. Select 'news' from the Select topic type list and you should see your new topic at the top of the list of topics.

Add/Remove 'News' as a Sidebar Widget

  1. Log in as administrator (if not already)
  2. Click on Manage Site then Sidebar Extras (or browse to admin/extras)
  3. If the 'News' box is not already in the sidebar, drag it from the center of the screen under Available Sidebar Extras to the sidebar under Sidebar Extras In Use / Drag items to here...
  4. Click on the Save button.

To remove the 'News' feature from the sidebar, drag it from the sidebar back into the center of the screen.

Using 'News' Embedded in Your Home Page

Follow the steps to editing your home page topics as discussed here.

While editing any of your home page topics and in the Content Entry field, put the following line:


This will embed the latest 4 topics directly into your home page.