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ccrdf has been superseded by cc.license, and is not recommended. cc.license provides a more complete API for selecting licenses and introspecting metadata about them.

ccRdf is a set of Python classes which allow developers to easily parse and manipulate Creative Commons licensing metadata. ccRdf was developed as part of the CcValidator project and was formerly known as ccRdf supports parsing, manipulating and emitting license metadata in RDF format. Notes regarding early ccRdf development can be found in Nathan Yergler's blog archive.

The latest independently released version is 0.4.5, but the Subversion trunk is stable.

Downloading and Installation

ccRdf is distributed as a Python Egg. If you have easy_install available, you can install it and it's dependency (rdflib) using the following command line:

 $ easy_install ccrdf 

Easy_install will download the latest release and resolve the dependencies if needed. You may need to run the command with root privileges if you do not have write-permission to the site-packages directory.