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Creative Commons' ccHost 3.1 Overview

Release notes for the latest release of ccHost.

This release is an 'admin' release with only a few feature. It is geared toward addressing the needs specifically called out with the 3.0 release.

New features (user)

Show Last Updated Date

ccHost is now tracking the last time a major change was made to an upload (files added, deleted, etc.) and displays it along with the operation on the upload's main page.

'What I Look For/Pound On' Browser

These two user profile fields are now cross referenced in a new browser. Click on a 'looking for' link in a user's profile and you this:

Alpha-Browser of Users

The generic 'people' page now allows for browsing by first letter of name. Example here:

New features (admin)

Paths Admin

As of this release, all paths used by ccHost can be specified by admin including templates, caches, plugins, etc. This is the last update that requires customization be done within the ccHost tree and the last update admins will be required to move their customization files 'out of the way' when doing an update.

Major Sample Pool Improvements

Sample pools has been greatly optimized (several times faster for display) and users can now browse by artists' first initial. Example is here:

Site Disabling

Admins can temporarily disable the site in a 'friendly' way that doesn't look like the site is broken.

eMail Notifications on Moderation

Admins can decide whether to automatically notify via email owners of recently moderated (banned) uploads and specify the message to be sent.

New eMail Rules Engine

Admins can configure who can mail how often based on several criteria including who they are mailing to. This is an attempt to strike a balance between spamming and legitamate contact between community members.

Experimental: Psuedo-Verification of Uploads

For file formats unknown to getID3, admins can now specify a 'fall-back' handler built into ccHost that will try to identify the file via the signature at the beginning of the file. This allows for a much wider (if less secure) variety of files not supported before (e.g. plain text, auto-cad, pdf, etc.) This feature is experimental and potentially (if not likely) a source of virus and trojan distribution if not used very carefully.

Bug Fixes

Fixed in 3.1

   * 'Array' is not a suitable email address
   * don't try to process bogus requests in pools ui
   * fixed double-slashing skin name in Settings
   * forum index was showing sticky thread as latest
   * image should be uploader's url in xspf
   * more php5 compat
   * notify on edpick code was incomplete
   * removing admin tags didn't work
   * search from top bar was broken for non-pretty urls
   * should not assume all uploads are audio in xspf
   * tag count was off after upload Delete
   * template paths were choking on xspf
   * timestamp on upload was taken at wrong time
   * typo in default aliases

Other UI Tweaks, Tools and Optimizations in 3.1

   * admin: cc-gen-robots-txt.php tool
   * admin: moved mixter specific skin out
   * admin: new url admin/tags/reset to resync counts
   * admin: subdue error on hack attempts
   * admin: we now kill menu cache on every call to update=1
   * code: more refactoring for easier overriding
   * code: refactored form handler
   * code: template refactoring
   * optimization: pools ui optimization (now usuable)
   * ui: now returning more consistant 404s on bogus requests
   * ui: 'system tags' link a pretty button now
   * ui: more descriptive menu text for tags
   * ui: refactor admin UI in templates
   * ui: stylesheet needs to be fully pathed during site disabling

Fixed in 3.0.2

   * More graceful error recovery when menu has been destroyed
   * empty nav tab set was breaking site
   * add items to empty menu caused havoc
   * viewing sample pool item caused errors
   * remixedby feeds caused errors
   * deleted user's reviews caused errors
   * podcast of deleted record broke feed
   * editing menus for vroots broken
   * editing properties for sample pools caused errors
   * fixed up the xspf 1.0 feeds which were breaking

Fixed in 3.0.1

   * saving user profile blows away menu and submit form changes
   * title of review feed was not properly scrubbed for '&'

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