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Creative Commons' ccHost 3.0 Overview

Release notes for the latest release of ccHost.

New features (end-user)

Native forums support

Fully functioning hierarchical forums, totally integrated with user profiles. Admins can create forum groupings, sticky announcements, move threads, etc.

e-mail notifications

Registered users can get email notifications when they have been reviewed, rated or remixed, when someone else has uploaded or have been remixed

'Recent reviews'

New sidebar content list out the latest reviewers in the system

'How I Did It' browser now sortable

Users can now sort based on artist or date

Stats and more stats

Now track number of reviews, forum messages and times remixed.

Language Support

(i18n Localization/Internationalization)

ccHost now supports the Free and Open Source standard gettext language utilities for language support. This is turned on by default in the admin interface, but the end-user support is still experimental. There are translation for Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and German at present.

XSPF 1.0 Playlist Support

We now have support for the xspf playlist standard as a feed.

Support for SVG file format

If you use the latest getid3 which has support for scalable vector graphics (SVG), ccHost supports this filetype onw.

Feed Dumping

ccHost includes a script and admin interface for dumping

New/Improved (admin)

  • FTP-less file manager
  • Bayesian rating scheme
  • Suggested tags in submit forms
  • Sub navigation tabs
  • File permissions now settable within ccHost
  • Thumbnails can be turned off
  • Spam flood protection
  • Configure min number of tags for BrowseTags
  • non-getid3 installation support


  • PHP5 support
  • Sharedhost support (e.g. dreamhosters)
  • Removed old phpbb2 dependency and issues associated with it
  • thumbnails now display once more


  • getID3 can be disabled


  • Certain URLs allowed escaping out of mySQL