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That Other Paper is an online publication about culture, comedy, food, and entertainment in Austin, TX.

Austin's first and only publication. — That Other Paper Manifesto


We will do our best never to bore our readers

Years of publishing experience have taught us a simple lesson that seems to evade most writers and editors: Readers have extremely short attention spans. What’s the value of a 10,000-word exposé on the backroom dealings of Senator McJerk if the reader is stifling yawns by the fifth paragr—

Oh, too late. She already turned the page.

We will infuse everything we do with a sense of humor. Every article, review, and blurb will tell a story. And we’ll always keep it short.

We will cover all forms of entertainment — not just music

Austin may be called the “Live Music Capital of the World,” but that doesn’t mean music is the only entertainment in town. Most notably, Austin has a vibrant live comedy scene on the cusp of national recognition.

Our restaurant reviews will be written with the average Austinite in mind

You aren’t rich, and neither are we. Most of us don’t have the cash to blow on so-called “fine dining.” So why waste your time reading pretentious reviews of stuff you can’t afford?

We’re gonna do things differently. If we can’t afford it, we won’t review it. Value — the quality of food and service we get for our money — will be paramount. And though we have a broad palette, we’ll deliver our reviews with a plain tongue. If the BBQ kicks ass, we’ll say so.

We’ll dig deeper, too. We’ll publish restaurants’ health inspection scores and interview the staff regarding the management’s treatment of its employees. (Prepare to be shocked at the state of Austin’s kitchens.)

Above all, we will serve you, the citizens of Austin

This is for you, Austin. You’ve educated, employed, and entertained us. Now it’s time we gave something back, and we know nothing better than entertainment.

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