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Our World 2.0 is a web magazine and video documentary series (videobriefs) project of the United Nations University. It asks the question: how can we respond to the challenges of climate change, food security, biodiversity loss and peak oil. The Our World 2.0 web magazine shares the ideas and actions of citizens around the world who are transforming our lives for the better. All Our World 2.0 articles are published under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA and the videobriefs use BY-NC-ND.

Business unusual is the way forward. We are re-making Our World with each passing day but we need to start re-thinking the way we do things. — Sean Wood


United Nations University (UNU) is a think tank for the UN system and offers prograduate degree programmes. The Our World 2.0 webzine is produced by the UNU Media Centre (formerly the UNU Media Studio). The Centre focuses on delivering online educational materials, developing web portals, producing documentary video. These cutting-edge services are highly valued by a growing audience of academics, policy makers, university students and the general public.

License Usage

Two Creative Commons licenses are currently in use for Our World 2.0. The articles are covered with BY-NC-SA (except those shared from the Guardian Newspaper). The goal here is to ensure that as many online websites/blogs can freely syndicate the articles and thus effectively spread ideas and knowledge on how to respond to pressing global issues. For the video briefs, ND is included in the license because it is important to respect the traditional knowledge of various communities with which we work. Our World 2.0 also benefits from Creative Commons licensed photography available via flickr.


The United Nations University Media Studio has been using Creative Commons for all materials produced since 2007. We are inspired by the notion of openness around the information society and how this relates to content/knowledge sharing. User feedbacks like this one engage us to continue with sharing our work by using CC3: "Imagine a WebZine with the cultural awareness, relevance and visual appeal of National Geographic and that asks the question: 'What can we do when faced with complex, inter-connected and pressing problems like climate change, oil depletion, food security and biodiversity?'" - Clay Good


As of November 2010, Our World 2.0 is currently reaching over 50,000 persons each month. The video briefs are reaching an audience of nearly 1.5 million via YouTube. Spreading out our message via Social Networks we approaching over 2.000 Facebook members and more than 2.800 Twitter Followers.

Technical Details

Our World 2.0 utlizes Wordpress as its opensource content management system.


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