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University of Tokyo (academic institution)

Yuko Noguchi
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Visit the jurisdiction's website.

The Creative Commons Japan license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with The University of Tokyo, Law Faculty to create Japan jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Japan List

Chairman: Professor Nobuhiro Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Law Faculty)

Legal Project Lead: Yuko Noguchi

Public Project Lead: Dominick Chen

More about The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is the first national university in Japan, established in 1877. The Law Faculty was one of the first faculties established, along with Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities. Since then, for about 160 years, the institute has played an central role in the field of Japanese legal research and education. The alumni includes many distinguished lawyers such as law professors, judges and other legal practitioners, as well as a number of talented government officials and politicians. The Law Faculty consists of departments of law and politics, and has about a hundred professors and associate professors.


(Created February, 2012)

Current State and Priorities:

CCJP as an organization is expanding in terms of volunteer staff, but not in terms of funding. Our primary resource therefore is the passion and time of those volunteers.

Goals for 2012

  • Music:
    • We will deepen ties with the indies music scenes and strengthen relationship with Dublab by supporting the launch of dublab.jp, in order to raise awareness about copyright problems along artists and listeners through various events.
  • GLAM
    • We will document and package our achievement of 2011 and publish it online so to publicly share our know-how of introducing CC licenses to art exhibitions.
    • We will make progress in creating the English-language version of the package.
    • We will also assist at least one more adoption of CC license by an art exhibition.
    • We will explore other possibilities of supporting cultural and artistic digital archive through our growing network with the GLAM world.
  • Law & Policy:
    • We assist open government effort by contributing our expertise to the policy discussions on the issue, which is gaining increasing amount of interest in Japan.
    • We will participate discussions on legal environment in which cultures could benefit from active use of copyrighted works, through symposiums, speeches, lectures. We will also contribute to raising the public’s awareness on copyright issues.
    • However, feasibilities of these activities rely greatly on requests we receive from various parties.
  • License:
    • We will provide input to the version 4.0 discussions based on our discussions, views, and opinions on Japanese CC and other relevant licenses.
    • We will explore ways to help Japanese government, if there is an opportunity, on licensing matters for its open government effort.
    • We will monitor developments in open licensing in Japan, and get in contact with people invlolved in the development and adoption, if possible. We will examine if there is any action we can take to ensure interoperabilities among licenses
  • Support
    • We will begin revising our FAQ.
    • We will review our inquiry system and consider improving the team.
  • Network / PR
    • We will hold socializing events such as CC Salon more than 3 times this year so to build relationship with people interested in CC, open culture, and other relevant issues.
    • We will reorganize and improve our PR team in order to exploit social media such as blog, twitter, and Facebook, as well as our email newsletters, more efficiently. We will also execute reviews of our website to develop a better understanding of the issues, and address high-priority, low-cost issues.
  • Research
    • If other CC affiliates shows sufficient level of interest and committment, we will establish an international research group on open government issues, and publish a report to share its findings.