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A theatrical/multimedia performance for a student project.

Lots of small things add up to make a great big thing! — Guy Yedwab


The work ("Orchestration") was a dance-theater performance with hundreds of background projections, created as a student project at New York University. With an allotment of $300, most of which was spent on a projector rental, the creator needed hundreds of images to form the back projector from all over the world, hundreds of different subjects. Using photos from Flickr available under various CC licenses, the creator was able to do so without having to license hundreds of images or incorporate them into the work illegally.

License Usage

Because many of the images used in the project were CC-BY-SA or similar licenses, Orchestration was also released later under a CC-BY-NC-SA, even though the published script contained none of the images used in the staged performance. All of the CC images used were credited in the program.


The creator of the work has been aware of the CC License for many years beforehand, because his theatrical performances are often assembled from many found sources, and the restrictions of conventional copyright often prevent him from using documents, images, and other sources. Unlike many in his line of work, he far prefers not to infringe upon the law, and therefore enjoys finding materials which he may use legally. He also enjoys returning the favor.