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Kevin MacLeod uses Creative Commons licenses to help fill a void for film makers that is very under served.

Our current copy right system is fundamentally broken. I license my music as simply as I can make it.


Kevin MacLeod from Green Bay Wisconsin who works mostly in New York City is a composer that creates music that is meant to be put to movies, his site has been around since 1996, he started putting music on his site around 2005. His site has around 800 pieces of music on it.

License Usage

Kevin releases all of his scores on his Internet site He has two licenses, the first one which is the most popular is the Creative Commons By Attribution License - as long as you give Kevin credit it is free to use. The second license is for people who can’t or don’t want to provide credit to Kevin, this is a flat fee of only $30, and it has no limitations - keeping it as simple as he can.


“ASCAP and other origination's are making enemies out of the people who really love the music, so as long as I don’t join one of those I can be in control of my music the entire way and give it to anyone I want and nobody is going to be threaten to be sued.” He gets lots of emails every day with people saying just ‘thank you’.

“The point of making music is to affect other people, and if you make music and just stick it in a closet and hope that someone will come someday looking for it - that is not going to happen, you need to it to be heard by as many people as possible.”


Dave Dugdale's podcast with Kevin discussing Creative Common's and Kevin's motivations