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Creative Commons provides hosted WordPress sites for our international affiliates. This page describes what you can do with a hosted site and how to sign up.

What Can I Do?

Hosted CCi sites allow international affiliates to put together a simple, flexible site without managing their own infrastructure. The hosted sites consist of:

  • a WordPress site, themed to match; the site includes
    • a blog
    • the ability to create static pages
    • the ability to customize the sidebar, using WordPress widgets
  • the ability to add users and administrators to your site
  • integrated CC content license selection, via WpLicense
  • comment spam protection via Akismet

Sign Up

We are currently rolling out the hosted sites on an invitation-only basis to ensure things scale appropriately. If you would like to be involved in the early roll-out, please contact Nathan Yergler.


If you are an international affiliate with an existing site, you will need to redirect traffic from your current site to the new, hosted WordPress site. For example, if your site is currently at, your hosted site will be available at Your existing site administrator may be able to assist you with redirecting traffic.


There are several ways you can customize your site to match your jurisdiction.


Hosted blogs are designed to match the branding and look and feel of the main site, so the header color is not customizable.

You can change the blog title and tagline by going to the administrative interface, and clicking the Options tab. You should receive the login information for the administrative site with your initial user details.

Sidebar Widgets

Widgets allow you to customize the sidebar of your blog. You can change your sidebar widgets by going to the Presentation tab in the administrative interface and clicking on Sidebar Widgets.

Jurisdiction Flag

Creative Commons supplies a widget for displaying your jurisdiction's flag. Simply drag the Jurisdiction Flag widget to the list and click the icon on the right side to enter your country code. This will usually be the same as your domain. For example, if your blog domain is, you would enter se there.


If there are particular features you're interested in, or questions about the service, you can send feedback by:

  • emailing webmaster at creative commons dot org,
  • emailing the cc-devel mailing list,
  • or asking on IRC.