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This page contains the proposed text for various info cards about CC and the CC Marketplace in Second Life.

What is Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation which provides free copyright licences to allow people to share their work on terms they choose.

The main Creative Commons licences all allow anyone to copy and share the licensed material as much as they like, and most also allow for others to build upon the material to create their own expression. All licences require that anybody who uses the work give proper credit (attribution) to the original author. On top of this basic permission, the author can select from a number of restrictions:

  • NonCommercial (NC) - people may not use the work for profit
  • ShareAlike (SA) - if people make changes to the material, they must make those changes available under the same licence
  • NoDerivatives (ND) - people may not make changes without asking permission

The licences use copyright law to provide permission in advance for people to use material, while still retaining enforceable restrictions which state what those people are not allowed to do.

For more about the licenses, please see our website. Please consult our FAQ for further questions about using the licenses.

[Creative Commons does not gain any rights to the content released under the licenses. CC also does not provide legal advice.]

Why Creative Commons in Second Life?

In Second Life, anyone can build anything they can imagine. Everything they build, however, will generally be subject to copyright. This means that people are not able to copy or build upon other people's work without asking permission.

The Creative Commons licences provide an easy way for a creator to make their work available for others to copy and build upon. Providing permission in advance is an excellent way for Second Life creators to get on with building, scripting, and sharing, without having to worry about complicated legal licensing, or having to give permission every time someone wants to use some material.

Any creator can use the licence chooser to select a copyright licence which suits their needs. When another person comes across a Creative Commons licensed object, he or she is free to take a copy of that object and use it however they want, as long as they obey the restrictions the original creator has set.


Creative Commons and Second Life Creators

Creative Commons provides a legal licensing regime to allow you to share your builds, while still protecting your copyright.

By applying a Creative Commons license to your builds, you are giving everyone permission in advance to copy and build off your work, as long as they follow certain restrictions. You can mix and match from these restrictions to suit your needs.

There are four restrictions you can choose from:

  • (BY) When using your work, people must credit you as the author.
  • (NC) People are free to use your work, but aren't allowed to use it commercially.
  • (SA) People are free to use your work and builds to make their own creations, but they must release their new builds under the same terms.
  • (ND) People are free to copy your work, but are not allowed to make any modifications to it.

By applying a Creative Commons licence, you are using your copyright in your builds to make sure not only that many people are able to get, copy, and remix your work, but also that they respect certain basic restrictions on the way they're allowed to use it.

For more info about the licenses, please see our website. Please consult our FAQ for further questions about using the licenses.

How to apply Creative Commons licences

Applying a Creative Commons licence to your work is easy.

1. using the Licence Chooser, follow the prompts to decide what uses you want to allow and what restrictions you wish to impose,

2. put a note in your object with the name and URL of the licence you chose and the name you want to be attributed by, and

3. turn on the mod, copy, and transfer flags!