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Opening of "CC Marketplace" on Kula 4 for residents to learn about CC and share CC licensed objects/music/video.

  • CC - Australia: Nic Suzor and Mark Perry are initial project leads.
  • CCSF - JY: to find Community volunteers, other sponsorship to contribute in design and building
  • SL Community members, in charge of designing/building: Barney Boomslang, Bibi Book, Jesse Malthius, Florenze Korenze

  • CC Marketplace Info - some basic introduction text - if you want something specific, or have some headings to suggest for notecards, contact nic.
  • Video Streaming - nic has set up a video streaming server to give information to residents - currently we only have the CC-AU (Meyer and Bettle) animation up - suggestions welcome for more videos.

Need stock inventory: later stage

  • Mark has students who may be interested in making objects: Imran Ashraf & Raja Armel.
  • JY gets in-world creators involved: Barney Boomslang, Bibi Book, Hypatia Callisto, Aimie Weber, Spin Martin, others.

Draft proposal release

Creative Commons needs your help to create a Second Life marketplace. This exciting new project is led by Mark Perry (University of Western Ontario), Nic Suzor (Creative Commons Australia), and Jennifer Yip (Creative Commons San Francisco).


In Second Life, the main scarce resource is creativity. Almost anything that can be imagined can be built. This highly creative environment provides an ideal space for the sharing and reuse of creative resources.

Much of the creative works produced in Second Life are available on restrictive terms; users purchase objects and clothing for a fee, and are then usually restricted from copying, redistributing, or modifying them.

Whilst there is a growing amount of content available in Second Life for free and on open terms, it is sometimes difficult to find. The CC store is designed to provide both a showcase and a repository for CC-licensed creations. It will provide creators with a place they can go to have their works exhibited and released to the public, and a central area where they can watch their projects evolve in the hands of others. It will provide users with a convenient place to obtain ready-made clothing and objects that they can then modify to suit their own tastes and needs, and a space for collaborative development.

Marketplace design

Creative Commons is seeking contributions from Second Life designers who would like to donate their time and creative skills in the construction of the CC marketplace. We are soliciting concept designs for either a single store or a distributed mall. The area must include a showcase and one or more larger areas for browsing and accessing the repository of creations.

Interested designers should contact Nic Marx in world, or email, to discuss potential ways to help with the project. The building of the marketplace can either be managed by a single selected designer or team, or built to specifications in a collaborative effort.

The content

Once the marketplace has been created, we will need large supplies of creations of all sorts to stock the shelves. We encourage all Second Life designers who would like to release their projects under a Creative Commons licence to participate in the project. All items submitted to the marketplace will be made available at no cost, and they must be free to copy and redistribute. Whilst we encourage users to make their content modifiable, we will also be accepting content under NoDeriv (no-mod) licences.

We would like to have a substantial repository of designs, clothing, skins and objects of all types available for the launch of the marketplace. The most interesting and creative designs submitted before launch will be exhibited in the showcase for the first month of opening. Again, interested designers should contact Nic Marx in world, or email, to find out how they can license their works and submit them to the marketplace.

The showcase

Part of the marketplace will involve a showcase for the most creative and highly rated designs. A peer-reviewed voting system will be put in place to allow Second Life residents to comment and vote upon any submitted creations. The most highly rated creations each month will be exhibited in a high profile central area. The showcase will provide exposure and reputational gains to talented designers, and introduce churn to the repository to ensure that the marketplace always provides fresh and interesting new content.

First InWorld Meeting - March 2, 07
Determine weekly meeting same day same time! Fridays, 23:00 GMT (students in-world every Sat 1600 EST)

  • Bibi and Barney made general sketch of Kula. CC's homebase is on Kula 4.
  • Start improving aesthetics and functionality of island, before extreme make-over.
    • Bibi will work on island terraforming with Jesse Malthius (Tues March 6).
    • Bibi and Jen will meet about plants (Wed March 7).
    • Jen to clear space - with in mind to replace existing build wich were made and donated to the "Commons." find a place for as many existing builds. (CC Speakers need to be replaced by June for a show planned by Beijing artists.)
    • Nic can help wordsmith "how to explain CC in as little words as possible."
    • Florenze will try to enlist plant creators to contribute greenery to the Commons. * CC info to be distributed via notecard.
    • Point people to learn more at the website / license generator at the K4 auditorium.
  • Rough idea for land layout = cake-shaped
    • Marketplace is center (flat area); other areas radiate in "spokes" from the center.
    • Drop-in plants
    • Lightly hilly landscape where appropriate
    • access to meandering forest
    • set aside area for new home, near the CC area
  • Ideas for improved CC HQ
    • (obviously) central marketplace
    • Contain learning areas (floating classrooms)
    • strategically placed information kiosks, more than 1 CC license generators
    • work-in existing builds - large auditorium, movie screen, art galleries, giant chessboard
    • include Sandbox
    • CC radiostream (ala Barney server) / use Spin Martin music kiosks?
  • Encourage use of CC licensing
    • Standardize attribution
    • show examples of license usage
    • offer workshops for creators to share

Summary of March 9, 07 meeting
Our plans at the moment are:

- getting the terraforming up and going as fast as possible (Bibi and Kimba work on that) - get the infrastructure (market place, roads) put in (me texture making, bibi and kimba building) - infrastructure includes signs to point ppl to where what is (bibi) and a start at some transportation system (my part) - some starts for presentation stands for the market (carts, little wood houses, something along those lines, prototyping me and finishing bibi) - put the existing stuff to the places where it should go (mostly the chess board for now, as most other stuff will be rebuilt, so this is mostly about me moving my stuff ;) ) - getting the buildings we allready know about (gallery, school, CC building, cafe, bibi, me, maybe others)

We will try to call in other builders as we go along, since it would be silly to want to do all the stuff on our own - we will see

After that we should have:

- general layout of the sim with nice terraforming, parks where nothing is built yet (I will possibly run a planters robot on the sim to litter it with trees ;) and flo wants to hunt down gardeners to provide samples) - first takes at some buildings, so the first stuff can move in - the market place with infrastructure to do a faire or something along that - defined parceling so ppl have an idea where to put what and how - a building kit so ppl who want to fit into the theme can just take what is there and start with that to roll their own (or just use prefabs we provide) - a multi-level sandbox for play and going crazy

Overall I hope that we won't take all of march to realize that listed stuff, but since it's allreaedy March 10th, it might be needed time, might even reach into April a bit. I'll start soon with texture creating and will do a few sketch-like stuff for carts etc. I'll put that up on the platform above the sandbox area, so bibi isn't impaired with her terraforming. The transportation stuff is allready there, so I only need to adapt it for Kula 4. Plants can be changed from the linden-library-stuff to other plants as we get them. So overall we don't have too much to wait for, as soon as the terraforming is done.

To go up to the sandbox platform, there is a transporter near the chessboard at ground level at the coordinates 30/30 in Kula 4. Left-click the thingy that's sitting there, select "platform" and then sit on the gadget that is rezzed - it's using the same scripts I will use for the sim transportation system, so we will be able to have different tours from different starting points for ppl to take.

But regardless how it goes, we will be done with the sim rebuilding long before the June event, so that leaves tons of time open. I guess I will just move all the speakers up to 600+ meters, so they are out of the way for now (but not lost) and we can see what and how and where to move when the sim is done (the part we can actually do, of course). I'll be happy to help with the event building stuff (as time permits - my vacation ends this weekend, so I am back to being time-zone impaired ;) ) if I get an idea what will be targeted.

Friday, March 23 meeting notes:
status is: rough terraforming out, places for buildings marked, market is there and some textures are chosen. it's coming along nicely already

  • textures adapted - more "green" on land
  • rejon's speakers moved "up" above original spot

As of May 24:
per Barney: Bibi cleaned up a bit allready and I'm sure events shouldn't be problems in Kula 4. Bibi and I discussed about how to proceed and thought that we would make kind of a cut now and proceed in smaller part-projects, like doing the houses right, or doing the cafe. The sim is allready useable now and the smaller projects won't interfer with that at all. I still need to run over the sim and plant trees.

Planting for now can be done by anyone who wants to drop in Linden stock inventory. We will be working to get "CC" plants eventually.