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Creative Commons Austria Webpage archive 2004-2011:
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fairkom Gesellschaft (transferred from ALLMENDA) (NGO)
DI Dr. Roland Alton-Scheidl, Dr. Alexander Baratsits, MAS, Nicole Lieger, Dr. Joachim Losehand, Mag. Gernot Hausar
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The team from Austria is taking care on jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses and is promoting the usage of CC licenses in cultural, educational and governmental organizations and in the creative industries sector.

CC 4.0 Licenses

All translation work has been finished until July 2016, together with our colleagues from Germany and Switzerland. In October 2016 CC HQ has accepted and integrated the CC 4.0 German version. Find a previous draft here , with a lot of comments which were open until January 17th 2016.


3.11.2016 Netzpolitischer Abend metalab, Wien: Presentation of the CC 4.0 licenses.

25.10.2016: The Austrian Ministry for Justice started a consultation process on EU-Commissions Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market. Stakeholders are invited to send their opinion on the Proposal until October 25th. As Creative Commons Austria, we will shortly provide its opinion and encourages other members of the civil society strongly to send an opinion as well. Please follow our blog here

Where should we celebrate in 2014 10 years of CC in Austria? We simply join the OKFN "Open Data Inside Badge" event 22 JAN 2015, Schmerlingplatz 3, Vienna, 18 a.m. and toast on 10 years of CC AT.

Radio Show "Dispositiv - Kunst, Recht, Internet XLVII" on Orange 94.0 (first broadcast 30 June 2014, archived here).

Roland has been representing CC at a discussion with Minister for Justice Brandstetter, Prof. Staudegger (Uni Graz) und RA Dr. Schoeller (Kanzlei Piaty Graz) in Graz 13 May 2014 18:00 Aula Karl-Franzens Universität Graz. This was our statement.

cc-at Gruppe Wien 7. Treffen am Do, 8. Mai 2014 um 18 Uhr 30 im metalab zur freien Wissenskultur Einführungstext

Our CC alps Salon series 2012-2013 is documented here including a proposal for re-structuring copyright laws in Austria.

For previous events see this WIKIs history snapshot.

Recent activities

- Translating CC 4.0 unported to German with our German colleagues at translation sprint 21 + 22 JAN 2015 in Vienna

- Die erste deutschsprachige Lizenztextlesung fand am 2.9.2014 in Berlin statt.

- We have started preparations for the translation of the CC 4.0 license. This will happen in 8 phases and starts in spring 2014, together with the CC teams in Germany and Switzerland. Read at about the main differences between CCPL3 and CCPL4.

- ALLMENDA Social Business eG will enter a Memorandum of Understanding with Creative Commons Headquarters to represent the Austrian CC affiliate team.

- We have been contributing to a discussion on Netzschilling

- Nicole published a new flyer on "Freie Kultur"

- contribution to a booklet for the creativwirtschaft austria / WKÖ about copyright / trademark / patent issue (order for free any quantity or download here)

- contribution to a policy making document on music funding for ZIT (download pdf or order booklet at departure)

- consulting on Open Data Government: major Austrian cities (Wien, Linz, Graz) use CC-by licenses for publishing their data


CC Austria Mailing List: discussion, announcement, cases: read | subscribe | post.

CC 3.0 – German explanation of substantive legal changes (PDF) CC 1.0 – License draft (PDF) CC 1.0 – English explanation of substantive legal changes (PDF)

Priority Goals 2016

  1. Comment and roll out German translation of CC 4.0
  2. Rights Collecting Society Compatibility (create one or two cases with a conflicting situation i.e. CC publisher is RCS member, confront and find solution)
  3. Extend CC usage in Open Government Data initiatives (presentations at Austrian Open Data Conference, etc)

CC Austria Lead Organisation: ALLMENDA

The ALLMENDA cooperative has 150 members, among them software consultants, free radio stations, media designers and legal experts for Free Software who jointly work on various projects. It was founded in 2003 as a successor of the PUBLIC VOICE Lab and was active as osAlliance until 2012, when it merged with a second co-operative to ALLMENDA. Their members support Creative Commons since the CC Austria licenses launch in 2004 with workshops, hosting and communication and have developed Registered Commons, a suite for providing time stamps when registering a work.

Supporting Organisation: FH Vorarlberg

The The Department of Design and Media Based Communication at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is offering teaching and research resources for intermedial design and communication challenges. During 2004-2006, it was managing the Competence Network Media Design, which supported the launch of Creative Commons in Austria at the Ars Electronica in 2004 (with the legendary "Open Source Water Bottles") and the launch of Registered Commons in 2006 at the Wizards of OZ conference in Berlin as a timestamping service for the CC community.


How we split our work, how we make decisions and who will be in charge of giving answers, see the Creative Commons Austria Governance page.