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The CC Alps Salon is a series of events related to Creative Commons in the alpine region.

It started in 2008 with the net culture lab in collaboration with Creative Commons Austria in order to encourage networking within the'creative industry. The event distinguishes itself for associating people of different divisions such as lawyers, economists, artists. in order to provide a deeper understanding of the needs and perspectives of every branch. Beside the information exchange, we want to offer a relaxed atmosphere bringing the people surrounding Creative Commons together. Another aim is to encourage people who are interested in free content to visit this event to provide an insight into the ideas of the performers and also to get the chance to exchange ideas and experiences.

So far, the events have taken place in Vienna, Dornbirn and Linz in order to grant accessibility to people living on in the western and eastern part of Austria. Our Swiss friends are invited to join the Creative Commons alps Salon in Dornbirn or accounce their own alps salon below.

4th CC alps Salon: Festplattenabgabe

14th November 2012 19h, Cafe Korb, Vienna

Vorbesprechung dazu im CC AT Hinterzimmer: Könnte die Festplattenabgabe das Recht auf Privatkopie sichern? Zu welchen Bedingungen? Mittwoch 10. Oktober 2012, 19 Uhr 30 Cafe Prückel, Stubenring 24, Wien

3rd CC alps Salon: Open Data

26 June 2012, Wissensturm Linz Workshop at Open Data Conference

2nd CC alps Salon: Perspectives on Licensing Content

2.7.2009 20 Uhr, net culture lab Dornbirn

First CC Salon Thursday: Freie Kultur und Freie Lizenzen

23th of October 2008


  • Johannes Grenzfurthner [1], member of monochrom
  • Florian Philapitsch [2]

Location: Video bridge between

  • net culture lab Dornbirn: Bertolini - Haus, Markstrasse 4, 5. Stock [3]
  • net culture space Vienna: Museumsquartier [4]