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Welcome to Creative Commons in Africa! This page provides details of the work of Creative Commons' affiliates and community operating in Africa.

If you are interested in working with Creative Commons in Africa, or would like to get in touch with Creative Commons experts in the region, we'd love to hear from you.

CC works in Africa to:

  • promote Creative Commons licensing and open access in the region, particularly in the fields of education and development,
  • provide assistance and advice to those wanting to use Creative Commons in the region,
  • organise meetings and other events on the theme of open aimed at fostering collaboration and exchange between the participating groups,
  • raise funds for transnational activities like studies, surveys and networking initiatives.

Contact If you want to contact CC in Africa, you can do so by contacting one of our affiliates listed below, or by get in touch with the Affiliate Network Coordinator:

Jessica Coates - jessica at

Events and meetings Every year, at least one meeting is organised with Africa to allow our community to meet and exchange information and ideas. Members of CC's African community also participate in external events which relate or are of interest to Creative Commons. During 2012, we will be holding our first Regional Meeting in Africa.