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Results: Annual Affiliate Report 2010

In an effort to improve inter-jurisdictional collaboration and communication with CC staff and Board of Directors, the CC Affiliate Network is initiating an annual reporting procedure for Affiliate Teams to share progress in their jurisdictions.

CC HQ will aggregate these reports into a global summary. Regional spokespersons can also use the reports to compile regional dashboards. Questions in this report are primarily quantitative to make aggregation uniform across the network and to help everyone get a concise overall picture of activities around the world.

While these reports are retrospective and emphasize quantitative measurements, the roadmaps continue to be the place where Affiliate Teams can describe their ongoing and future efforts and goals in more descriptive detail. Reporting and roadmaps remain an integral part of the formal working relationship between CC and Affiliate Teams.

Please note that the information requested may change from time to time, and CC may also request supplemental information. You may revise your responses until Dec. 15. We welcome your feedback on the types of information that would be useful and ways to improve this reporting process. Thank you.