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Time & Date

Thursday, June 10th:

       16:00 San Francisco
       23:00 GMT

Friday, June 11th:

       08:00 Seoul/Tokyo

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Call Details

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1. Go to [1] 2. Enter your name. 3. Enter the meeting password: (This meeting does not require a password.) 4. Click "Join Now".

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Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-429-3300

Access code:731 832 989

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1. Go to 2. On the left navigation bar, click "Support". Or contact Michelle.


(add your name here by June 4th if you plan to join)

  1. Mike Linksvayer 16:38, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
  2. Diane Peters (HQ)
  3. Joi Ito (HQ)
  4. --Michelle Thorne 10:13, 26 May 2010 (UTC)
  5. Federico Morando (CC-IT)
  6. Jane Hornibrook (CC New Zealand)
  7. Nathan Yergler
  8. Rafik Dammak (Tunisia)
  9. Melissa Reeder (HQ)
  10. Alberto Cerda (CC Chile)
  11. Tyng-Ruey Chuang (CC Taiwan) [note: 80% certainty]
  12. Tomoaki Watanabe (CC Japan)
  13. Pindar Wong (CC HK)
  14. John Weitzmann (CC DE)
  15. Carolina Botero (CC CO)
  16. ALek Tarkowski (CC PL)
  17. Ronaldo Lemos (CC BR)
  18. Paul Keller (CC-NL)
  19. Paulius Jurčys (Lithuania)
  20. Aurelia J. Schultz
  21. Renata Avila (CC GT)
  22. Thinh Nguyen (HQ)
  23. Prodromos Tsiavos (CCEW/UK)
  24. Daniele Bourcier (CC FR)
  25. Rafael Salazar Gamarra (CC PE)

Q1 2010 Call Notes

See Affiliate_Calls/Q1_2010

Q2 2010 Minutes

Goals: to increase communication between affiliates and CC HQ, to support coordination of international activities

    • Welcome and Meeting Overview - Joi
      • Purpose: two-way reporting -- affiliates to other jurisdictions and HQ, and HQ to affiliates
      • Encourage affiliates to say whether this is useful mechanism and how we can improve (see feedback below)
    • Affiliate Updates
      • CC Asia-Pacific conference in Seoul, Korea --
        • Tomo (Japan): impressed by organization, presence of online service companies & sponsoring. Copyright commission great to have present, venue lovely, program interesting
      • OCWC meeting and CC Vietnam launch --
        • Carolina (Colombia): Community-building is needed and there are misunderstandings about the definition of openness. Compatibility issues, esp. for teachers is important. Problem about lack of OER usage by OCWC members is recognized but not action is being taken yet. Statistics about re-use aren't widely available.  
    • CC-HQ Board and Staffing Updates -- Joi
      • Melanie Cornwell (VP of Strategy) and Annette Thomas (Board) join:
        • Melanie: formerly Editorial Projects Director at Wired magazine. Will further develop relationships with funding foundations. Based in SF.
        • Annette: CEO of Macmillan Publishers
      • Aurelia Schultz
        • Started as Google Policy Fellow in 2009
        • Continued as volunteer - passed the bar
        • Now working with Diane and Michelle on porting, Africa plans, and Affiliate network and policies in general
      • Melissa Reeder
        • Will depart from CC in August after 4yrs (July 2006)
      • Science
      • Interns
        • more details about them and their work this summer will be posted to the affiliate list
        • Reg Leones, Legal Intern, lives in Sydney where he is completing his combined BSc and LLB degree at the University of New South Wales.  Working on a jurisdiction database initially focused on license terms.
        • Alessandra Garbagnati, Legal Intern, is a second year law student at UC Hastings College of the Law. She will be working with legal team on over-hauling the FAQs on the main website.
        • Tal Niv, our Google Policy Fellow, is a PhD student at UC Berkeley law school‚Äôs Jurisprudence and Social Policy program. Her research and interest revolves around copyright and collaborative works of authorship, cyber-policy and innovation.  Working on metrics study.
    • Board Composition and Reporting -- Joi
      • Process for affiliate board recommendations
        • Although Annette Thomas joins boards, the two international seats are still open for recommendations from affiliates
          • Details about criteria will be a product of the upcoming Board retreat in August
          • Affiliates can always provide recommendations now to Joi
      • Board Reporting
        • Want to continue having regular reporting to Board by affiliates - one of those ways is through Board report submitted by board
        • Dashboard: First attempt in December
          • About 1/2 of the jurisdictions reporting to a regional lead who then submitted one regional slide
          • Reports contained a lot of different information
        • Aiming for 100% reporting in future
          • Will standardize the kinds of information the board would like to see
          • Will be discussed as part of Board meeting in August
          • Next submission will be for December 2010
    • Program Updates
      • Catalyst Program -- Michelle
        • Review Committee
          • Announcing officially soon
          • Latam (Hiram Melendez Juarbe, Puerto Rico), Europe (Paul Keller, Netherlands), Africa (Paul Kiwehlo, Tanzania), Asia-Pacific (Jane Hornibrook, New Zealand), Arab World (Bassel Safadi, Syria), North America (declining). Plus some CC staff.
        • June 30 deadline. for grant applications. Please submit early so we can leverage proposals in fundraising.
        • Can give feedback on specific proposals using "Discuss" function on wiki.
      • Update on fundraising status -- Melissa
      • Public Patent License - Thinh
        • Public comment period is ending now.
        • Reputable international law firm agreed to review the license. FR, UK, Germany colleagues of the firm are reviewing; FR, Germany said the draft is fine, UK yet to conclude.
        • Adding a new option - not just licensing specific patent, but also any and all relevant patent to a particular tech.
        • Nike will be the first big adopter, others coming.
        • Any question? - see or email me
      • Translation Plan - Diane 
        • Single plan with two prong -- one for Approved Translations of CC0, one for unofficial translations of unported
        • Timing will be to post those this month
        • In future, will include other guidelines for translating CC materials
      • Affiliate Upgrade update - Diane/Michelle/Aurelia
        • MOU - key features and design principles
          • Asked to upgrade at Dec. 09 board meeting
          • Single MOU, having modules - public, legal, and other components
          • Affiliates can select and combine to create MOU
          • Will be shared on the mailinglist
      • Policies, Porting and Community Resources
        • Timeline on Policies - end Q3
        • Engaging with the Community on Resources
          • In new jurisdictions, shifting focus from porting to community-building
            • New juris. undergoing rigorous Self-Assessments before signing on
            • Ensure range of expertise, commitment
          • Roadmap
            • To coordinate activities and evaluate progress. State milestones.
            • Part of MOU upgrade, for new jurisdiction teams and existing.
            • Will inform regional roadmaps
          • Would like affiliate input
            • Will be posting overview and revised agreement
      • Wikimania panel - Mike


  • Pindar (Hong Kong): Calls are useful. Welcomed Allison Domicone's visit in spring. Energy levels in HK fluctuate. Trying to engage local community -- meeting local needs, scale with CC -- keep in bounds of organization. Structural issues -- deciding which org to partner with, new funding opportunties  
  • John Weitzmann (Germany): Call is a little strange and surely no match for meeting in person, but great anyway. The German project is trying to diversify the team into Special Interest Groups (Music, Science, Literature, Film, Broadcasters, Education ...)
  • Alberto Cerda (Chile): Requests additional information about the public patent licenses, particularly its purpose and how this process match with the current work of national teams, beyond the porting process
    • Thinh: no juris. porting. deployed similar to CC0. will be universal tool. might be country variations, this is why consulting external law firm
      • if port needed, we will have addendum with country-specific provisions
      • sure, would be great if national team supported tools
      • feedback welcome too
      • no legal task associated
    • Diane (HQ): Translation, esp around patents, if desirable for a particular institution, can be part of the new modular MOU
  • Jane Hornibrook (New Zealand): Structuring issues and future activites are on our minds right now also in NZ
  • Rotem (Israel): Suggests starting call 10min earlier to sort out tech troubles and chat informally