Affiliate Calls/Q1 2010

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Feedback requested on

  • International board nominations (Joi)
  • Regional dashboards by March 8th (Diane and Michelle)
    • What constitutes a region - ongoing discussion on list
  • Comments on grant program draft by March 8th (Michelle)
  • General feedback about the call, content-wise and technical


  • Chloe Georas (Puerto Rico)
  • Ignasi Labastida i Juan (Spain)
  • Tyng-Ruey Chuang (Taiwan)
  • Jessica Coates (Australia)
  • Rotem Medzini (Israel)
  • Alek Tarkowski (Poland)
  • Tomoaki Watanabe (Japan)
  • Carolina Botero (Colombia)
  • Renata Avila (Guatemala)
  • Herkko Hietanen (Finland)
  • Joi, Diane, Mike, John W., Dona, Michelle (Staff)


Purpose of call

  • two--way exchange of information, closer communication
  • timing so CC can get input in advance of board reporting
  • Suggestions for improvement:
    • Some technical hurdles were encountered, including poor audio quality and static. Participants should be on mute when not talking.
    • A brief round of introductions should be done next time. It was difficult to know who exactly was on the call.
    • Could develop a queue or indication system for people wishing to provide feedback. Or each of the people/regions (depending on numbers) could be directly asked by Joi/the call chair if they have something to add at the end, to ensure people are given a small period where they feel it is appropriate to speak up, even if it's to say they don't have anything more to say. (Jessica)
    • Maybe a simultaneous text back channel would be useful. (Jessica)
    • Michelle: Some of us were logged into the CC Jabber group, although we didn't end up backchanneing there. We could try to use that (Server:, Chat room: creativecommons)

Updates on internationalization Efforts: Joi

  • Overview of internationalization efforts - recent
    • Last Aug: consolidated CCi with CC core
      • Hopefully already seen efforts to expand participation by many more CC staff **Dec: CC board agrees to accept nominations from international community for 1-2 board positions (more on this below)
    • Dec: CC board establishes advisory board, members will not be limited to US (or lawyers, for that matter) (more on this below)
    • Dec: CC announces plans for small-grant program for affiliates and others (more on this below)

Program Development - Details and Timing

  • Board-related: Joi
    • Nomination process for board members
      • Preparing and reviewing with Board a description of board service, criteria we look for and need for balanced board
        • Hope to post that by end of February
        • Nominations can still be made at any time - please email Joi
    • New Idea: Include regional reports to Board with updates from different regions
      • CC already prepares dashboards quarterly, which are very condensed summaries of milestones etc. across CC's functional divisions. CC would like to invite each region to also submit a dashboard page
        • General interest from affiliates on call to do this
        • Affiliates would need to self-select someone to prepare.
        • First report is due March 8th
        • What constitute a region? There are geographic areas where regional borders are not so clear. We should discuss on the list any concerns/suggestions about how to define regions. There was also a proposal offlist to submit dashboard slides by topic/field rather than geography.
          • Feedback needed on list.
    • For twice-yearly face-to-face meeting of board
      • Dashboard is also prepared
      • We should find a way to have someone from each region present their report to Board - conference call or other when not F2F
    • New Idea: Open part of board meeting to affiliates more broadly for questions/engagement - early stages of considering, have to get board work done, can't be completely open
      • Considering co-locating a board meeting in 2011 with international affiliates gathering

Affiliate program: Diane

  • Revising MOU and MOU processes
    • Goal is to make clearer expectations on both
    • Plan for it to be
      • modular, to allow for different sets of responsibilities to be combined depending on affiliate
      • Non exclusive - increasingly finding that multiple affiliate institutions have different strengths and want to participate in different ways

New grant program and May fundraising: Michelle

  • Draft of program specifics posted - modeled on similar grant programs (Wikimedia, Global Voices).
  • Goal is to provide funding (1000 - 10,000 USD) in support of CC-related programs and activities around the world.
  • Process:
    • Funding will not be available for lobbying activities or license porting activities (launch events, legal review of the licenses, etc.)
    • Example projects on the wiki
    • Applications from or endorsed by CC affiliates will receive preference. Joint applications from official CC affiliate institutions and their partners are also welcomed.
    • Selection committee will be established. We want affiliates involved in selection process.
  • Deadline for comments: March 8
  • Spring campaign planned in May to raise funds for the grant program
  • If someone already has a project in mind, please email Michelle so we can talk about how to showcase it during the campaign

Operations update: Mike/Joi/John Wilbanks

  • Consolidation of divisions and branding
    • OER and education in particular
  • Public patent license -- development

Open forum: All

  • Puerto Rico: Can we get a grant for making informational materials about CC? A : Write a proposal, and if selection committee and public comments support it, we can offer grant. Covering operational costs by grants is not precluded.
  • Puerto Rico: involved in OER. Would like to work with CC on education, possibly develop international OER plan perhaps together other affiliates
  • Poland: A grant proposal could be for several CC jurisdictions to work on such an int'l OER plan