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{{Best Practice}}
{{Best Practice}}

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This is a page describing everything a web-based (media) hosting site could do to integrate CC and CC-related features. From simple blogs to elaborate user-generated content communities, there are easy ways to share website content by publishing it under a Creative Commons license. Below we provide a basic overview of how you may integrate Creative Commons licensing into your website.

Tools of the Trade


LicenseChooser.js provides a lightweight method for integrating license selection into web applications. The widget is used by TypePad, as well as WpLicense.

Partner Interface

While superseded by LicenseChooser.js, this supported interface provides another method of integrating CC license choice in your web application.

Web Services (API)

The web services are designed to be a more flexible replacement for the HTML-only partner interface.

HowTo Guide

While knowing about the various tools Creative Commons provides to integration CC licesnes in your web application, see examples of implementations is even better!

Underlying Technology


RDFa is a way of expressing RDF in XHTML. Creative Commons uses RDFa to express license and other information about works for the semantic web.


A specification describing how license information may be described and attached to works.

Looking for a Challenge?

These are the currently open Developer Challenges that relate to web services. {{#ask: Has Challenge Type::Developer Is Complete::false Has Tag::web | ?Related To }}