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Creative Commons uses Subversion and Git repositories at for source code management. Subversion (svn) clients are included with Linux and Mac OS X. Windows users can use Tortoise SVN.

ccPublisher and some dependencies are still housed at; those modules will be moved to eventually.

Checking Out Source

We moved our primary source repository from to in March, 2008. Note that we only support public key authentication for our repositories.


     $svn co svn+ssh://
  • write permission: email with your public key; if you had write permission at Sourceforge, please include your username so we can map your key correctly.


     $git clone git://
  • read/write access:
     $git clone

See the ccTools Subversion Information page for details on checking out code hosted at Berlios (ccPublisher).


Available Modules


The Subversion repository contains the following modules:

module name description
__cvs_import/ Inactive modules imported to Subversion from CVS circa 2005 (from
adobe_panel/ XMP license panel for legacy Adobe products
api/ CC API; now developed in git (cc.api)
api_client/ Wrappers for the API in Python, Java, etc; unmaintained.
autocurate/ Scripts to generate packages of content from sites like Flickr, etc, used for LiveCD.
banshee-license-verifier-plugin/ GSOC project: plugin for Banshee to verify web statement metadata pointed to in MP3 ID3 tags.
bbpress/ Tracking repository of bbpress
blog_analysis/ Return top blogs pointing to CC, as reported by Technorati. Used for targeted outreach.
buildout_script/ Buildout recipe for doing string substitution in script templates
campaign_widget/ Annual campaign javascript widget
cc-sharp/ C# model for CC licenses
cc.engine/ License engine; now developed in git (cc.license)
ccbanshee/ GSOC project: Banshee plugin for displaying license information
cchost/ Legacy repository for CCHost, platform developed for CC Mixter
cci/ WordPress for legacy iCommons website
cclabs/ Legacy CC Labs experiments (DHTML chooser, et al)
cclookup/ wxPython application for verifying web statements embedded in media files
ccnutch/ Nutch + cc search customizations
ccoer/ Early prototype of DiscoverEd, based on Scuttle
ccooo/ add-on, now developed in git.
ccpublisher1/ CC Publisher 1.x; 2.x code lives in the repository/td>
ccrdf/ A Python wrapper for CC Licenses
ccsearch/ CC Meta-search
cctagutils/ Python library for reading and writing CC's suggested web statements
cli_tools/ Command line tools for tagging and verifying licensed works.
desktop_search/ Prototype of Spotlight plugin for Mac OS X
i18n/ Translations, maintenance tools, now in git.
i18nedit/ Half finished prototype of web based PO editor, herder
jswidget/ Drop-in javascript widget for license selection
liblicense/ C library for manipulating license information embedded in files
liblicense-gnome/ gnome UI bindings for liblicense
liblicense-kde/ KDE UI bindings for liblicense
liblicense-sugar/ Sugar UI for liblicense
license.rdf/ License RDF files
license_xsl/ Legacy chooser XSLT and questions
livecontent/ Live CD with CC licensed content
metadata_scraper/ Now developed in git as deedscraper
mozcc2/ Firefox add-on for displaying CC license information; superseded by OpenAttribute
nagios/ monitoring configuration
nc-survey/ Non-Commercial survey related code
oe_search/ PHP frontend for a Google CSE that acted as early DiscoverEd prototype
oenutch/ DiscoverEd
operator_userscript/ User script for Operator to display license information
opml/ Python library for reading and parsing OPML
pdf_callback/ Demonstration of a PDF with "phone home" capability
planet/ CC feed aggregator
pyarchive/ Python library for uploading works to Internet Archive
pywikipedia/ Python API for mediawiki, used for sending staff call emails
rdfadict/ Python dict-like interface for an RDFa parser
scicom/ Science Commons related projects, including MTA, SCA
themes/ Various theme projects
vendorlibs/ Vendor libraries that are used by other projects. Modules are imported here if the project doesn't use svn, so we can use svn:externals, or if additional customization is required
widgets/ Widgets for visualizing CC content and information.
wpLicense/ WordPress plugin for CC licensing; now developed in git/WP svn
xmp/ Tools for embedding XMP metadata in PDF, JPEG and (future) other file types.
zope_products/ CC developed zope products: the license engine, Plone skin and iStr.


See the git web interface for repository descriptions.