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Approximate Minimum Total CC Licensed Works as of December 2007: 90 million


The Metrics Portal is about gathering, processing and visualizing metrics about Creative Commons' related projects, with particular emphasis on the adoption and usage of Creative Commons licenses internationally. Join us!

The best place to communicate on this is through the cc-community mailing list for general discussion, cc-devel for technical discussion, and the #cc chat channel on If really deep into this, please consider joining into the commons-research community. Join in the fun!

Aggregate web pages licensed

License statistics has basic information about linkback/page/search-engine-query-based license adoption statistics, as well as the code used to gather this data and dumps of the data itself.

Site-specific metrics

Content curators lists licensed works counts for many sites that collect CC-licensed works, e.g., about 69 million at Flickr.

Counts for selected top sites over time may be found on the license statistics page.

Eventually code above should be expanded to collect this and finer-grained information (e.g., per site license breakdown) from these sites.

Other quantitative metrics

Qualitative metrics

  • Case Studies
  • Awards Received (grammys, oscars, etc)
  • "bestsellers" for some definition of best-seller from Books
  • Add ideas here...



Numbers Explanation

The Approximate Minimum Total CC Licensed Works is based on licenses reported by Yahoo search queries and Flickr and is the minimum number of licensed works that would satisfy the distribution of license types across both of them.