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Currently this is a scratchpad for referencing known uses of CC licensing and material by the collections and cultural sectors - ie museums, libraries, archives and galleries. Please add to the list and turn compelling uses into Case Studies.


Bundesarchiv - the German Federal Archive

  • released 100,000 photographs under CC BY-SA for free reuse on Wikicommons and saw sales of prints of the photographs double (see slides here)

The Land Library of Saxony - State and University Library Dresden (SLUB)



  • has collaborated with the local Wikimedia community, to document materials in the museum’s collection (eg through photography) and upload this material to Wikicommons (see slides here)


Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Science of Armenia


The Powerhouse Museum

The National Library of Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Collections Council of Australia

  • has launched the beta of a digital storytelling initiative, Now and Then, that requires contributors to CC license

State Library of Queensland

  • incorporate CC licensed material (and in particular photographs) into their digital storytelling collection