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The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.


五人) 正.負.>產生大氣.也產生雷擊. 比喻.小核子彈. 但沒污染. (鈾).如何.從提化.變.強電. 沒污染. 相反的.... 大氣.是天然的?無污染> (鈾).是自然得?低輻射線.> 如何(鈾).怎樣變.天然的? 比喻.(鈾).變.原子.正負.平 怎樣變. 大氣.正負.強烈.分子.水 (鈾).原子.強烈.分子.輻射線 平:> 無空氣.鹼.分子 >(鈾)>原子>輻射線>分子 所以地球地心.熱> 海水>最深>黑暗>無空氣>有生物> 自然.(鈾)>原子>輻射線>分子> 平>? 地熱.深水.生物.存在 天然>正.負>大氣>雷擊 自然>(鈾).原子.>分子>輻射線 平>? 所以成立.能源 1天然2自然3生存>答案>?

五人) 正.負.>產生大氣.也產生雷擊. 比喻.小核子彈. 但沒污染. (鈾).如何.從提化.變.強電. 沒污染. 相反的.... 大氣.是天然的?無污染> (鈾).是自然得?低輻射線.> 如何(鈾).怎樣變.天然的? 比喻.(鈾).變.原子.正負.平 怎樣變. 大氣.正負.強烈.分子.水 (鈾).原子.強烈.分子.輻射線 平:> 無空氣.鹼.分子 >(鈾)>原子>輻射線>分子 所以地球地心.熱> 海水>最深>黑暗>無空氣>有生物> 自然.(鈾)>原子>輻射線>分子> 平>? 地熱.深水.生物.存在 天然>正.負>大氣>雷擊 自然>(鈾).原子.>分子>輻射線 平>? 所以成立.能源 1天然2自然3生存>答案>?


我們常說.核能是高污染能源.只是地球還有替代能源嗎? 石油.最快30年用光. 如.人類".不想辦法.找出新能源. 人類"是否會因.搶奪石油.? 發生第3次.世界大戰. 以.相對論.有正."就有負. 也就是說(.核能_).能.大量產生能源.>也就有高污染" 而.有<高污染.推論"就有無污染 相對論.原子.是分裂性.能源: 可是.愛因斯坦.只說了.直到燃燒完.核能.>只是為和有汙染風呢? 這可能是他沒想到的事" 只是.他說有正.就有負: 相對的."也就是說.核能.>也能無污染.是嗎? 但.有一點.我實在想不通.為何太陽.一定會燃燒.然後爆炸? 為何.不是燃燒完.核融合.就冷卻? 銀河系.也有.就低矮星.他燃燒完:核融合.冷卻> 是否.宇宙裡.有一種.物質.能使>核融合.冷卻? 還是.在.無生命體.星球.有這種物質? 月球被科學家.證實有液態水.也就是說某無生命星球.真有這物質."> 在地球.液態水.就是海水.抽起出來的鹼. 他是否.就是能使原子變固體? 也許無生命體.不只鹼.還有很多." 只是我們地球.科學家.還沒找出> 或許真能使核能:變成低污染.(核能)>>>

Technical Details has implemented 1) a license chooser in the upload process, 2) the CC marks on works licensed/copyright waived with CC, 3) a subset of the CC REL metadata specification, and 4) a way to search for CC licensed content.

License Chooser implements the CC license chooser through the Partner Interface.

During the file upload process you are given this option:


Clicking either one of those options opens up a window to in which you can select a CC license or dedicate your upload to the public domain using CC0.

Here is the code for how has implemented the Partner Interface:

<a id="chooseLicenseLink" href="" onclick="'[license_url]%26license_name=[license_name]%26license_image=[license_button]%26deed_url=[deed_url]&jurisdiction_choose=1','popup','width=600,height=600,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=yes,menubar=no,status=yes'); return false;">Choose license</a>

And here is what the code looks like for the public domain dedication:

<a href="" onclick="'[license_url]%26license_name=[license_name]%26license_image=[license_button]%26deed_url=[deed_url]&jurisdiction_choose=1','popup','width=600,height=600,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=yes,menubar=no,status=yes'); return false;">dedicate to the public domain</a>

License/PD Mark

CC license and public domain markers appear on in many places. For pages of objects marked as licensed under Creative Commons, an image typically appears in the left hand sidebar.

For example, see this page:..

五個人 8月7日 邱茂林 Nuclear energy is everyone hope, and hope that energy. Nuclear energy, he has also been used as a nuclear weapon. I played a lot of articles, which is summed up. Low unit of nuclear energy. Electrons. High unit of nuclear contamination. So I would like to seize by electronic means When the solid nuclear energy. Decomposition. But how do we (uranium) decomposition. Nuclear power generation. Lit electronic rely on the original E-. However, we now turn. Why do nuclear power generation? Found in the human resources (uranium) Therefore, we must find out. In order to make nuclear energy. Changed. Liquid instant solidification Resources on Earth. The easiest and most simple . Negative. Battery deposits. The ability of this liquid. What makes him change a solid. But there are also more lasting power generation> Oil is a liquid, but can also generate electricity. Changes in solid edge So the answer. Beginning. The original method. Wait. The weight of the weight. The formation of the material, in such a way?

(Uranium) can not ........ Why .............. Positive and negative - can be created. The power of lightning's electric Source ...... lightning. Liquid. Production. We recall that the (uranium) and liquid. Therefore, we in the same way. (Uranium) collision In order to produce atomic At this time, resulting in electron impact (uranium). Atom is not formed. The material is positive. Negative. Generated. Batteries. (Base) (base). } Such as Down (base (alkali)) and nuclear power, drive the moment ... instantly solidified into a solid. Perhaps there is still radiation can not be avoided. Only 60% of applications. Jane less radiation. Differences. " Differentiate into atoms. Neutrons. Electronic ................ 3 kinds combined. Production of protons ......... Liquid X = - solid x (Solid X + X solution - basic (alkaline)) = atomic neutron differentiation. = Atom neutron. Electronic ................ 3 kinds of units. Changed. Proton This is a five-member ... article remarks, "will gradually reduce in the future ... five people hoping that someone goes on. >>>>> ................ ......... do not know. >>>>> rights ........ statements will continue to be only slowly reduced. >>>>>


Sometimes a link to the license will appear in the description area of the page.

For example see this page:


The CC0 mark appears on pages for works that have been dedicated to the public domain by the creator.

For example, see this page:


And a link to the public domain dedication appears in the description:


Metadata has implemented a subset of the CC REL specification by including the rel="license" attribute in links to the CC license deeds.

For example, see the source to this page:

<a rel="license" href="" target="_blank" ><img title="[Attribution 3.0]" alt="[Attribution 3.0]" style="height:31px" id="ccimage" src=""/></a>

CC search

It's possible to search for CC licensed or public domain content by license type. However, as notes, it's a bit complicated.

See the FAQ on this topic, or use the pre-constructed searches below: